6 Business Outcomes and Benefits of Migrating Dynamics 365 Data Into the Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform

If you’ve already invested in Microsoft Dynamics 365 or plan to, you know that modeling your CRM or ERP system around your real business processes is critical. If your model doesn’t match your business, your analytics won’t either.  

While you can report directly out of Dynamics into Power BI, almost all our customers want to integrate their CRM or ERP systems with outside databases and files to get a unified analytical view of their organization. This is complicated. Empower simplifies the integration of these data streams into a single source of truth. With Empower, you can enable self-service data management for your business and can even write back data and reports into Microsoft Dynamics 365 after you’ve fed them through Empower’s cutting-edge machine-learning models.  

When you integrate your data with Empower, you can act on the holistic insights you generate. Empower enables your data to be a single pane of glass for your decision-making.  

Integrating Dynamics 365 data with the Empower Data Platform can bring a host of benefits, but these are six of my favorites, some of which you’ll see in the demo video: 

1. Better Decision Making 

The Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform is designed to integrate data from multiple sources, including Dynamics 365. By consolidating your business data into a single platform, your organization can gain comprehensive insights for smarter decision-making. This integration fosters a collaborative environment and streamlines operations, contributing to improved business efficiency. 

2. Enhanced Customer Experiences 

By migrating your Dynamics 365 data to the Empower Data Platform, you can create a unified and comprehensive view of customer interactions, preferences, and engagement. This 360-degree perspective on your customers enables you to deliver more personalized and targeted products and services, ultimately improving customer experience and driving higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

3. Adaptability in Rapidly Changing Marketplaces 

The Empower Data Platform’s built-in scalability features allow organizations to store and process vast amounts of data with ease. With Empower, your business can enjoy greater adaptability to changing market conditions and requirements. The platform’s flexibility enables companies to maximize the potential of their data, accommodating growth and staying agile in a rapidly evolving landscape. 

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4. Strengthening Data Security and Compliance 

The Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform incorporates advanced security features and robust data governance frameworks such as Unity Catalog and Purview, ensuring that critical business information is well-protected. When you integrate your Dynamics 365 data with this platform, you’ll be able to maintain compliance with data protection regulations while minimizing potential risks and liabilities. 

5. Empower is your Microsoft Fabric Fast Track 

Recently, Microsoft announced a brand-new data platform called Microsoft Fabric. Fabric connects data and analytics sources, like Dynamics, onto a single, AI-powered platform. It has the potential to reshape how everyone accesses, manages, and acts on data and insights. Right now, it’s in public preview, allowing companies to experiment with its capabilities.  

Hitachi Solutions data teams have already been working on it for nearly the last two years, helping Microsoft develop the product. To help your organization get started now  with Microsoft Fabric public preview, we created a special offer that accelerates your Fabric adoption by leveraging the Empower Data Platform. We’ll have your Fabric adoption prepped and ready for when it goes live. You can learn more about our accelerated Fabric offering by clicking here.  

6. Accelerating Innovation Through Advanced Analytics 

The Empower Data Platform supports state-of-the-art analytics tools and techniques, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. This intelligence empowers businesses to discover patterns and trends hidden in their data, fueling innovation and driving competitive advantage. 

Integrating Dynamics 365 data with the Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform comes with an array of benefits that can not only streamline business operations but also drive meaningful insights for growth. The seamless integration, enhanced customer experience, scalability, data security, and advanced analytics offered by the Empower Data Platform, make it an essential asset to help your organization thrive in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.