Streaming Data Has Never Been Simpler 

Streaming data can be a challenge, as it often encompasses massive volumes of data from various sources and devices delivered in many different formats.  

The infrastructure and software architecture required to support data streaming can be complex and difficult to manage. Few companies possess the internal resources with the skills and know-how to build and maintain such systems. Business leaders acknowledge the massive benefits of real-time streaming, but it’s often an intimidating process with unpredictable project timelines. 

A Better Solution: Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform 

It’s possible to centralize hundreds of data sources with the click of a button, enabling you to stream and transform data into actionable intelligence in near real-time with the Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform. 

Empower streams data into a centralized Microsoft Azure Delta Lake by the hour, minute, or even second. Data is transformed into meaningful insights using data modeling and Microsoft Power BI, which you can leverage to improve customer service, product development, and operations.

Demo: Near Real-Time Data Analysis Made Easy 

This demo showcases how easy it is to obtain near real-time data analysis with the Empower Data Platform, driving peak productivity with reduced risks and expenses, improved employee performance, customer experiences, and bottom lines. 

Empower employs the Lakehouse architecture, providing customers with the best aspects of data warehouses and lakes, supporting structured and unstructured data formats. By leveraging Databricks-managed Apache Spark clusters to scale data ingestion and modeling, Empower automatically deploys powerful autoloaders and Delta Live Table pipelines for data streams while managing the infrastructure to remain cost-efficient for your company. 

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Key Business Benefits of Near Real-Time Streaming Data 

The Empower Data Platform drives a host of business benefits and outcomes when streaming data in near real-time: 

  • Competitive Advantages: Real-Time Data Analysis can grant your organization a competitive edge over businesses that rely solely on outdated, historical data. You can swiftly comprehend standards and analyze patterns to help you make optimal decisions for your company. 
  • Actionable Reports: With historical data, you can create a snapshot of information presented in a chart. However, with real-time data, you can employ data visualizations that reflect changes in the business as they occur. Dashboards remain interactive and up to date, and sharing data with relevant stakeholders using custom dashboards ensures that decision-making is never impeded. 
  • Better Decision Making: The ability to quickly and effectively make minor and major judgments is the final and most significant advantage of real-time data analysis. By having accurate insights, you can update current business practices and introduce new ones with less risk, as analytics provides the broader visibility necessary for making informed business decisions.