Embrace Microsoft Fabric Seamlessly with Empower Data Platform

While Microsoft has announced the Public Preview of its upcoming data platform, Microsoft Fabric, the future of data management is already within grasp.  Hitachi Solutions has been working with Microsoft for 18 months to help mold the Microsoft Fabric vision.

Seamless Integration and Actionable Intelligence with Empower Data Platform

Before Fabric came to public preview, Hitachi Solutions planned integration with its Empower Data Platform, a fully-baked Azure data estate solution in your tenant: rapidly centralizing data sources in a matter of days, regardless of company size or industry. We wrangle your varied data – supporting more than 200 sources (RDBMS, SaaS, PaaS, APIs, etc.) – onto the Empower Data Platform where it can then be used to manifest actionable intelligence that your teams can leverage to make strategic business decisions. 

With Hitachi Solutions handling your adoption of Microsoft Fabric, you’ll get a team of Hitachi Solutions data and analytics experts dedicated to handling every aspect of your data – including migration and cleansing of all your disparate data sources, data science and analytics, updates, and added capabilities to your data estate without the level of cost it would take to manage it independently. It’s a full white glove treatment that doesn’t come with Fabric.

Hitachi Solutions’ Empower Data Platform has many parallels to Microsoft Fabric, the two platforms are natural allies in optimizing your organization’s data strategy. Empower can serve as your data onramp to Microsoft Fabric, streamlining your overall infrastructure and paving the way for seamless integration once it’s released. Empower works in unison with Microsoft Fabric, leveraging all aspects of your data on OneLake to provide the insights your organization needs to improve operations, customer experiences, and bottom lines.


faster access to usable data for our customers with Empower


reduction on Azure costs through Empower’s optimized pipelines


savings on labor costs associated with project development

Specifically, Empower compliments Microsoft Fabric by providing compatibility with Unity Catalog, and mass data ingestion without 1:1 “linked services” per source. That means if hypothetically you had 1,000 SQL servers, you would only have one pipeline in Empower: the complexity is cut down, resulting in 55% faster access to usable data, plus you can manage it all from your mobile phone. 😉  

But that’s just one example. Let’s take a look at the ways Empower Data Platform can jumpstart your Microsoft Fabric adoption to help leverage data and keep you at the forefront of business data evolution.

How your company can get started today
Automatic Phased Access to Microsoft Fabric*: One of the primary benefits Empower customers can look forward to is receiving automatic access to Microsoft Fabric as it becomes generally available. This means customers of Hitachi Solutions who have Empower will be able to take advantage of seamless OneLake and Purview integration. That means you’ll get more capabilities, without additional cost.
Live Reports? Yes please: With Empower, streaming data in near real-time through Lakehouse is easier and more efficient than using Microsoft Fabric alone. No need for new proprietary SQL-like languages, no spaghetti of streaming products: just SQL (and if you want it, python). Streaming reports in near real-time is a game-changer for businesses. Once leadership has live reports, they never go back to the old way of doing business. Live data redefines the way business leaders access and analyze data.
Generative AI for Your Business:  If you think this Preview is cool – you will be even more amazed by what is coming next.  Talk Data to Me: We’ve integrated “Enterprise ChatGPT” with Empower so you’ll be able to talk to your data in simple terms like: “Find gaps in my supply chain planning.” Vector databases will soon be available to all Empower customers.
Serverless Capabilities: The Empower Data Platform provides serverless capabilities, allowing customers to benefit from a variety of compute options: for data engineering, machine learning, and model serving. This ensures greater flexibility and adaptability in meeting the diverse needs of organizations and their data management requirements.  While many of these features are Preview on Microsoft Fabric, Empower customers can leverage a battle-tested feature set for production now, allowing development and implementation work to continue without risk.
Databricks and Microsoft Fabric is 1+1=3: The Empower Data Platform is versatile enough to allow customers to use both Databricks and Microsoft Fabric side by side. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming bake-offs or transition processes, while the platform intelligently selects the most cost-effective compute platform for customers.  Zero setup needed; you can have it day one.
Data Marketplace and Data Sharing: Empower streamlines intercompany data-sharing through Microsoft Fabric and Unity Catalog integration. Not only can customers isolate data in sovereign regions without compromising analytics, but enterprises can also share data with each other in place, or even buy and sell data, without costly data pipelines or proprietary formats.
Spark Packages and Connector Compatibility: Empower stands out by distributing high-quality Spark packages and connectors to its customers. These packages and connectors are compatible with both Microsoft Spark and Databricks Optimized Spark platforms, ensuring seamless execution without any intervention required from the customer.
Delta Live Tables Support: Empower is designed to support streaming with SQL, leveraging Delta Live Tables: a feature set not yet included in Microsoft Fabric. Customers using Empower can continue to leverage this first-class product while enjoying a seamless integration between the two platforms.
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Jumpstart Your Adoption of Microsoft Fabric

It’s not difficult to see how Microsoft Fabric is a game changer. What may be less clear is how it can accelerate your data journey.

Get started now

Jumpstart Your Microsoft Fabric Adoption with Hitachi Solutions 

So how do you get started on a new Microsoft data platform without your team having any experience or exposure to it? And how do you drive value before it’s fully released?  

We’re very excited to share that Hitachi Solutions customers can get started now with Microsoft Fabric public preview.  Under this offer, Hitachi Solutions will get your business going on its lakehouse journey in a production-ready way, while also standing up Microsoft Fabric (including samples of your organization’s data).    

Moving now allows your organization to learn before Microsoft Fabric becomes generally available, allowing your organization to get further in reaching your potential without architectural risk.  

Our team of experts, who have been working alongside Microsoft under NDA for over a year, have gained a deep understanding of Microsoft Fabric through our involvement in developing and testing the platform. That experience, combined with our deep expertise in data technologies like Empower, is how Hitachi Solutions will help you harness the possibilities for your business.  

In this engagement, Hitachi Solutions’ technical experts will create a sandbox environment in your Azure tenant which includes Microsoft Fabric and Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform working in tandem to accelerate cloud-enabled data workloads while our experienced advisory consultants work with you to outline a path for your organization to quickly adopt Fabric into your business processes once it becomes generally available.  

Learn more about our Microsoft Fabric and Empower Data Platform offering.  

*Dependent on customer licensing of Power BI Premium which is not included in Empower’s pricing.