Hitachi Solutions’ Empower Data Platform Now Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment Eligible


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Empower Data Platform harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to accelerate, automate, and simplify creating data ingestion.

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We’re pleased to announce our Empower data platform is one of a select few third-party solutions that meets Microsoft’s Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) benefit. That’s right, when you choose Empower to instantly modernize your data estate and realize analytical insights, 100 percent of the purchase is now applied to your Azure commitment.

With Empower being MACC eligible, you can purchase it through the Azure marketplace as part of your licensing agreement. You get all the benefits of our AI-driven data platform without the huge upfront investment or budgeting challenges. It also helps you optimize your Azure discounts while maximizing your Azure spend. It’s a win-win!

Empower and Azure for an insightful future

Hitachi Solutions Empower is a revolutionary platform that leverages Microsoft Azure to mature your cloud analytics capabilities. It harnesses the power and speed of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to automate and accelerate how you ingest, unify, and manage data to gain the insights you need to improve your business.

Resourcing years of modern solution and implementation experience, Hitachi Solutions cloud engineers created Empower for businesses of all sizes as an all-in-one data analytics platform to increase operational efficiencies at a lower cost of ownership. Its subscription model allows our experts to deliver a full-featured, modern data estate that can be deployed in week one.

MACC — What and why?

If you’re like many companies, you are using Microsoft Azure’s unmatched services to move your business operations safely and securely to the cloud. Microsoft offers Azure online through a three-year financial commitment for a specific amount of spend.

Called a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC), it’s a flexible enterprise contract that’s billed monthly and designed to ensure customers get the best pricing and benefit from their Azure purchase. Incentives for buying through the MACC program include:

  • Azure procurement without having to make a large upfront payment
  • Azure commitment discounts
  • Service level discounts
  • Azure credits and Microsoft-funded consulting services

One drawback of this model is that if you overestimate/underuse your Azure spending, it may result in a shortfall payment at the end of the term. To give companies more ways to meet their MACC obligation and reduce Azure spend waste and paybacks, Microsoft has allowed a handful of third-party solutions — such as Empower — to count towards the commitment.

Quality assured

Not just any ISV solution or service qualifies — only a select few are eligible. Microsoft validates all offerings for the MACC benefit to ensure you receive the highest quality solutions through the program.

This is why we are so proud that Empower has been certified for the MACC benefit. It speaks to our deep commitment to Microsoft, the strength of our long and strategic partnership, and our extensive experience across the convergence of Microsoft applications and technologies.

You can be sure Empower is a trusted product from a trusted partner because it’s Microsoft approved.

How to get Empower for your organization

To take advantage of this benefit, simply purchase Empower on Azure Marketplace using a subscription that’s related to your Azure agreement. Offers must be purchased directly via the Azure Marketplace — purchases through a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), any other reseller channel, or outside the marketplace do not contribute to your commitment.

Of course, even if you are not part of the MACC program, you can still leverage Empower and Azure to modernize your data estate and drive real business value. Just contact Hitachi Solutions directly.

Hitachi Solutions — The Azure partner you can trust

Hitachi Solutions is an experienced Microsoft cloud service partner with two decades of proven experience transforming data into actionable insights. We couple this technical know-how with true industry expertise and delivery excellence to compel the outcomes that are most meaningful to your organizational needs.

Click here to learn more about Empower or contact us to learn about our other innovative solutions Hitachi Solutions is creating for Azure customers.