Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform Simplifies Data Management & Analytics

The New Role of Data in Financial Services

Financial institutions are adrift in a sea of data — product and service history, customer information, financial transactions, marketing campaigns, regulatory data, external benchmarking data, and more — sourced from various mobile applications, online activity, and in-branch interactions.

Managing data is a daunting task. But at Hitachi Solutions, we’re making it easier for financial institutions to centralize data into a single source of truth where it can be easily leverage for analytics – and we can connect previously siloed data in a matter of days and for half the cost.

We created a streamlined method of rapidly centralizing your data sources onto a single cloud platform called the Empower Data Platform. We wrangle your varied data – supporting more than 200 – onto the Empower Data Platform where it can then be used to manifest intelligence your teams utilize to make strategic business decisions.

Let’s Make Financial Services Data Easier to Manage

You’re a financial expert, not a data scientist. But could you be?

Empower Data Platform automates ingestion, modeling, and sharing of your data, and with its user-friendly interface, any user in your company, be they experienced data engineer or not, can configure and manage data with ease.

Empower Data Platform is Hitachi Ltd.’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation. The Empower Data Platform financial service providers aggregate data that can be use to improve:

  • Marketing – Identify patterns or trends in client segments and create curated offers.
  • Aggregate Information Across Portfolio Companies – With investments across smaller and mid-size companies, it’s easier to track performance, report to investors, and report to regulators. These companies are often on different systems. You can use and Empower can centralize and compile data.
  • Operations – You can use all these insights enabled by Empower to anticipate the operational changes needed to address shifts in client product mix and holdings.
  • Fraud – AI is making a huge impact on security. But it’s only as effective as the data it’s given. Empower feeds high-quality data that can bolster the intelligence and effectiveness of AI-driven fraud analytics.
  • Service – Better understanding client profiles and behaviors with your digital and third-party properties to anticipate customer needs. Empower can centralize customer data captures in service calls, financial advisory, web activity, bank account activity, transactional data on credit cards, and digital interactions on apps to inform your next actions with a customer.
  • Easy Reporting – whether it’s for regulatory, internal, or outside investors, everyone in your organization will have easier access to a central source of data for audits and reporting.


Banking relationship managers using advanced analytics spend 90% less time on account planning


Faster access to usable data for our customers with Empower


Savings on labor costs associated with project development

How a Fully Managed Data Estate Makes Life Easier for Financial Services Organizations

Reduced operational costs: Automating data ingestion, processing, and analysis can lower manual intervention, save resources, and reduce the cost associated with data management.

Enhanced data security and privacy: Empower prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring that sensitive data is compliant with relevant regulations and remains secure against breaches or unauthorized access.

Scalability and flexibility: A fully managed data platform like the Hitachi Solution Empower Data Platform can accommodate ever-growing data sets, ensuring that financial service providers can scale their data management infrastructure as their needs evolve – but never have to manage it themselves.

Empower Helps Your Bottom Line

Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform simplifies the process of harnessing vast amounts of data, giving financial service providers a central source of truth to leverage crucial insights, streamline operations, and enhance customer service.

  • Grow Share of Wallet with Existing Clients
  • Identify and Mitigate Customer Attrition
  • Avoid Financial Losses
  • Improve Customer Service and Loyalty
  • Grow Market Share and Attract New Clients
  • Improve Security
  • Improve Your Ability to have Oversight and Tracking of Regulatory Compliance

See How We’re Helping Financial Services

Learn more about how the Empower Data Platform, the tech behind it, and how we’re driving data modernization.

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