Quality Assurance

Enhancing Solution Value, Reliability, and Delivery Speed

Understanding the Role of Quality Assurance for Every Digital Innovation

In an era where rapid technological advancements are the norm, quality assurance (QA) serves as the cornerstone for quickly and efficiently delivering the innovative digital solutions customers expect. Beyond ensuring reliability and functionality, QA plays a pivotal role in minimizing risks, reducing costs, increasing quality, and speeding development time.

At Hitachi Solutions, we want to help you leverage QA and gain a competitive edge. Our dedicated QA team confirms best practice and current industry standards in every solution and service. Along with comprehensive functional, automation, and performance testing, we provide a personalized assessment to help determine the right QA strategy, tools, and resources to drive the most value for your solution investment.

The Value of QA


Companies can achieve cost savings of up to 30% by outsourcing QA activities.


Outsourcing QA can lead to a 15-20% reduction in time-to-market for products.


of companies outsource QA to gain access to specialized testing skills and expertise.


Companies leveraging outsourced QA experience a 25-30% improvement in product quality.

QA is a specialized skill set that many companies lack in-house. That’s why opting to go with a third party like Hitachi Solutions is a quick and affordable way to augment your IT staff with QA expertise, accelerate timelines, and ensure your products and applications perform flawlessly.

  • Optimized skill set — Instantly gain dedicated resources who are up to date on the latest technology, tools, and trends
  • Quality-first delivery — Align quality goals to better meet customer requirements, needs, and expectations
  • Mitigate risk — Detect and fix issues early, before they impact timelines and customer satisfaction, ensuring higher quality applications

End-to-End Testing Capabilities

With a focus on customer needs and satisfaction, Hitachi Solutions offers comprehensive QA services that extend your testing abilities and capacity, leaving your resources free to focus on growing and adding value to the business. Honed from years of working with the entire Microsoft ecosystem and customers in many different industries, our expert QA services include:

Our goal is to collaboratively work with all our valued customers to expand the scope and efficiency of testing, ultimately ensuring the highest levels of product quality and reliability.

Prasad Akula
Vice President of Quality Assurance, Hitachi Solutions

Our Approach

What Sets Us Apart

Our QA team is comprised of experts who are armed with the latest industry technology, tools, and techniques. Our first priority is to establish a solid understanding of your organization and goals. Then we strategize to align your enterprise objectives with your people and processes.

Hitachi Solutions has been implementing data and business system modernization solutions for two decades and brings that experience to every project. We are 100 percent dedicated to Azure cloud and the entire Microsoft platform, uniquely qualifying us to support you end-to-end to drive innovation, increase efficiencies, and unlock value for your business.

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