Hitachi Solutions and Leapwork Revolutionize Test Automation for Microsoft Customers

I’m excited to announce Hitachi Solutions and Leapwork are now partners. Leapwork is a global provider of AI-powered visual automation. Their innovative platform offers next-level software testing technology that is robust enough to automate across the Microsoft environment and beyond and provides an AI-driven codeless solution that makes it easy for non-technical business users to build and maintain test automation at scale.

The alliance strengthens Hitachi Solutions’ comprehensive quality assurance (QA) capabilities and enhances our ability to support software and regression test automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, as well as many other applications. Leveraging Leapwork’s visual approach will allow us to help customers accelerate automated testing, reducing manual errors and efforts, minimizing disruptions, and speeding the delivery of quality solutions. Read the Press Release!

Beyond being able to offer their leading-edge technology to our customers, we are eager to collaborate with Leapwork because they are a strategic Microsoft partner and the go-to testing  platform for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. In fact, Hitachi Solutions is the first enterprise-level Microsoft partner in North America to strategically harness the power of Leapwork’s platform and we have more than 50 people trained on the tool!

Working together, we are poised to help Microsoft customers elevate and expand the scope and efficiency of their testing. This includes automating packaged Dynamics 365 software releases and updates; testing Power Platform workflows, blots, and applications; and helping with Azure cloud migration.

“Having recently signed a strategic agreement with Microsoft, we are very excited to collaborate with Hitachi Solutions, one of their premier partners. Their deep Microsoft knowledge, experienced QA practice, and established customer base is the ideal environment for the Leapwork platform to thrive. We look forward to working together to deliver on our shared commitment to improving efficiency, reducing costs, speeding time to value, and mitigating risks for Microsoft customers.”

Luke von Schreiber, Vice President of Alliances & Channels at Leapwork

Why Testing Matters

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, ensuring the reliability and performance of software applications is paramount for businesses — to increase efficiency, enhance product quality, and accelerate ROI. However, keeping up with the demands of modern software development processes can be challenging because:

  • Applications are becoming more and more complex
  • The frequency of new releases and updates is increasing
  • Resources and budgets are shrinking

Hitachi Solutions understands this and offers comprehensive QA services that extend performance testing and test automation abilities and capacity for customers. With the addition of Leapwork’s revolutionary test automation platform to our QA services, customers are able to accelerate the creation, maintenance, and execution of automated test cases and achieve continuous end-to-end testing across their applications with no coding required.

Test automation allows for the rapid and repeatable execution of test cases, ensuring that software applications function as intended across different environments, devices, and scenarios. It significantly reduces manual testing efforts, minimizes the risk of human error, and provides immediate feedback on code changes, thus facilitating quicker bug identification and resolution. And it enables continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), fostering agile development practices and helping organizations remain competitive.

Benefits for Customers

Hitachi Solutions specializes in functional, automation, and performance testing that is honed from years of working with the entire Microsoft ecosystem and customers in many different industries. Now that we are aligned with Leapwork’s AI-driven visual test automation, we are able to make test automation a valuable asset that better meets our customers’ mission-critical testing needs. Top benefits include:

  • Faster Time-to-Market — Test automation accelerates the software development lifecycle, enabling you to release products and updates more quickly, staying competitive in rapidly evolving markets.
  • Improved Product Quality — Automated tests provide consistent and thorough coverage, reducing the likelihood of human errors and ensuring a higher level of software quality, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction.
  • Cost Efficiency — Automation reduces the need for extensive manual testing, resulting in cost savings over time by optimizing resource utilization and minimizing testing-related expenses.
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) — Test automation is a fundamental component of CI/CD pipelines, allowing for automated testing at every stage, which streamlines development workflows and supports agile methodologies.
  • Enhanced Test Coverage — Automation enables extensive testing across various platforms, devices, configurations, and data sets, ensuring that software functions as intended in diverse real-world scenarios, ultimately increasing product reliability.

Let’s Get Testing!

Hitachi Solutions has been implementing data and business system modernization solutions for nearly two decades and our comprehensive QA services extend your support capabilities and improve the reliability and quality of your digital transformation solutions. Our team of trained and certified professionals are Microsoft experts who are armed with the tools, technology, and techniques they need to simplify and speed testing, enhance performance and quality, and nurture agility and collaboration.

Want to learn more about our partnership with Leapwork? Read the press release. For more information on our QA practice and services, check out the data sheet. Or reach out today, we’d love to chat with you.

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