3 Call Center KPIs You Can Improve Today

Call centers are the front line of customer service for many organizations, and their performance has a significant impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and even bottom lines.  

Your customers trust you with their sensitive information and we need to safeguard it, while at the same time delivering a consistent and quick process for verification when they do call us. It’s possible to have strong security while improving call times and customer service.   

With a simple app incorporated into your calls, companies can keep their call reps within clear guardrails that streamline the process of identifying callers, leading to reduced risk of errors. As a result, call centers can deliver better customer experiences, increase agent productivity, and greater profitability. 

In the video below, you’ll see how Hitachi Solutions Identity Verification for Engage makes it quick and easy for call center reps to verify customers, improve service, and save your organization money and Improving those KPIs call centers aim to improve: First Call Resolutions, Average Handle Time, and Quality Assurance. 

So Why Are These KPIs So Important?

First Call Resolutions

First Call Resolution (FCR) is a critical KPI for call centers, as it directly affects customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. FCR measures the percentage of customer issues resolved during their first interaction with a call center agent.

Average Handle Time

Another critical KPI in call centers is Average Handle Time (AHT), which refers to the total time an agent spends on a call, including talk time, hold time, and after-call work. Reducing AHT can lead to cost savings and improved agent productivity.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is essential for maintaining high standards of customer service and minimizing the risk of costly errors and violations. The Hitachi Solutions ID Verification helps call centers improve their QA metrics by incorporating compliance into the call flow.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Improving all these KPIs may sound intimidating, but you can actually get started today with Hitachi Solutions ID Verification, and deliver better customer experiences, increase agent productivity, and ultimately your bottom line.

To learn more about how the Hitachi Solutions ID Verification can help your call center, contact us to set up a demonstration. With the right tools and strategies in place, your call center can become a powerhouse of customer satisfaction and business success.