Jumpstart Your Microsoft Fabric Adoption with Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform

Microsoft Fabric is a promising Lakehouse-compatible offering from Microsoft that can help businesses consolidate and unify their data. While the solution is in active development, your organization can get going on Lakehouse today, with the Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform.

Hitachi Solutions has been working closely with the Microsoft Fabric product team for nearly two years, helping them refine the platform into an impactful solution. Our team has utilized this experience and the Empower Data Platform to create a unique proof of concept that jumpstarts Microsoft Fabric adoption for clients. Fabric is in public preview now, but it’s the perfect time to prepare for Fabric adoption once it’s publicly available, and I’d like to show you how we’re using the Empower Data Platform to make that happen.

Sandbox Environment and Data Ingestion

To facilitate a seamless adoption experience, Hitachi Solutions’ technical experts create a sandbox environment within your Azure tenant, which includes the Empower Data Platform. We then use two enterprise data sources of your choosing – either structured or unstructured – to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Fabric. These data sources can be ingested into your Lakehouse, with the option to rely on different loading strategies and ingestion cadences.

Advisory Consultation and Roadmap Development

Experienced advisory consultants from Hitachi Solutions work with you to outline a clear path for your organization. This path will prepare your organization to quickly adopt Microsoft Fabric into your business processes once it becomes available for general use. They also help develop a sample model and create reports using your actual data, so you can build a roadmap for Microsoft Fabric adoption as it becomes publicly available for implementation.

Risk-Free Trial on Empower Data Platform

To fully experience the potential of Microsoft Fabric in combination with the Empower Data Platform, Hitachi Solutions offers a risk-free three month trial. This trial allows organizations to explore the benefits of adopting Microsoft Fabric in their operational processes and gain insights into its capabilities before fully committing to implementation.

Benefits of Jumpstarting Your Microsoft Fabric Adoption with Hitachi Solutions

Utilizing our Empower offering, you’ll get numerous benefits:

  1. Accelerated implementation: Hitachi Solutions experts ensure your adoption process and implementation are expedited, enabling a rapid transition to a more agile and scalable application architecture.
  2. Risk mitigation: The structured approach can help your team identify and addresses potential hurdles early on, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth integration.
  3. Customized strategy: Hitachi Solutions tailors the program to your unique needs and goals, leading to a more successful adoption outcome.
  4. Knowledge transfer: Technical workshops allow for knowledge transfer, making the adoption of Microsoft Fabric more accessible and efficient for your organization.
  5. Full lifecycle support: From discovery to post-implementation support, Hitachi Solutions remains a reliable partner, helping your organization maximize the value of Microsoft Fabric and Empower.

As Microsoft Fabric nears general availability, now is the time to begin exploring its potential impact on your organization’s data consolidation and unification efforts. Hitachi Solutions Empower Data Platform can accelerate your Microsoft Fabric adoption through our offering, which you can learn more about by clicking here, that offers comprehensive technical expertise and support throughout the adoption process.