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An FYI for All Your Microsoft Fabric Lingo


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The benefits of innovative technology can often get lost in the lingo when something as powerful as Microsoft Fabric comes along. It somewhat parallels the language of acronyms, where it feels like everyone but you is speaking a new language, and you’re missing out!

Hitachi Solutions is excited about the opportunities Microsoft Fabric brings for our customers so ICYMI (in case you missed it), we wanted to ensure there’s no FOMO (fear of missing out), because YOLO (you only live once) and being able to ‘speak’ Fabric at work makes the EOD (end of day) arrive more quickly!

FYI (for your information) and FWIW (for what it’s worth), here’s our “glossary” of terms and features to help you speak Microsoft Fabric fluently. Our team of data experts created this cheat sheet so you can be a DIY’er (do it yourself) in the new world of data warehousing. IMHO (in my humble opinion), learning the basics of Fabric isn’t that hard— actually, it’s a lot easier than learning the language of acronyms LOL (laugh out loud)!

OneLakeOne logical data lake storage for your ENTIRE organization.
Delta LakeOne official file format for all structured data, ensuring that all technologies speak a single language.
ShortcutsVirtualize data lakes assets (Azure Data Lake Storage, GCP Cloud Storage, and AWS S3 buckets) into OneLake WITHOUT moving data.
APIsSay goodbye to complex ARM templates. Platform management is done through industry-standard RESTful APIs.
Git IntegrationYou can tie your Microsoft Fabric workspaces to Git branches, allowing for a full SDLC experience.
CI/CDUse the Microsoft Fabric APIs or the “Pipelines” feature to promote artifacts between environments.
SparkTakes advantage of the most up-to-date version of the latest public release of Spark, removing the complexity of cluster management and allowing for library management at the workspace level.
DirectLake ModePower BI can efficiently and directly query OneLake tables – no Spark required! The Power BI engine has changed so that its physical file storage is Delta Lake.
SQL Data WarehouseFabric reimagines the data warehouse experience:
All SQL Server tables are OneLake Delta Lake tables
• Cross-database queries compile into a single execution plan, resulting in hyper-performant distributed queries
• No more annoying table distribution selection or indexing headaches – “performance by default”
• Define relationships and measures within your data warehouse
Dataflows Gen 2The industry-leading Power Query Mashup (M) engine can now load to data destinations, and engine internals are being revamped to handle terabyte-scale workloads.
VertiParquetUsing a compression algorithm borrowed from Microsoft’s VertiPaq engine, Delta Lake file compression now far outperforms other vendors, resulting in extremely fast query speed.
ChatGPTGit-like, Co-pilot code generation, summarizing advanced code blocks into plain English.
MLFlowTrack your models, data, and code using an embedded experience backed by MLflow.
KustoOne of Microsoft’s hidden secrets, the Kusto engine, is coming to Microsoft Fabric. Able to perform data wrangling at speeds that cannot be matched by current engines such as Spark or SQL data warehouse.
LakehouseAll Microsoft Fabric technology is lakehouse by design. This means that no data is “physically” moved from OneLake into a compute engine; instead, the compute engine pulls from OneLake with every query.
Data LineageAll data flows are automatically cataloged and can be monitored and viewed in a single lineage UI.
OneSecurity• Security is defined once at the OneLake layer and propagated to all downstream technologies, including external third-party tools like Databricks.
• Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) support and label propagation from OneLake all the way to Excel.

Our team of experts worked alongside Microsoft in private preview and have developed a deep understanding of Microsoft Fabric by developing and testing the platform. That experience, combined with our deep expertise in data warehouse technologies, shows how Hitachi Solutions is well-positioned to help you harness the possibilities for your business.

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