Drive Innovation and Optimize Operations

Achieve growth with a personalized and connected service experience with Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Innovating Operations and Customer Experiences with AI and Microsoft Technology

The field service industry is ever evolving, and organizations must continue to adapt and innovate in order to succeed and achieve growth. In this era of AI, organizations must take this opportunity to transform their operations and improve customer experiences to stay ahead of their competition.

High performance service is critical to managing the ability to provide personalized, proactive, and predictive interactions consistently. Hitachi Solutions empowers customers through Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications and Microsoft technology, and we partner with our clients to envision and deliver an end-to-end customer and field service experience.

Transform Your Service Operations

  • Personalize customer experience. Provide self-service scheduling and keep customers informed with automated service reminders.
  • Maximize productivity. Streamline tasks using a mobile experience which allows access to key workdaykey workday information at a glance and the ability to pick, change or complete work order details.
  • Optimize operations. Save time by using generative AI for work order creation, technician scheduling and pre-population customer email responses.
  • Real-time reporting. Discover improvement opportunities using AI-driven data and dashboards to analyze worker performance.

We’re Here to Help

With leading capabilities across all Microsoft applications and technologies, we partner with our customers to envision and deliver an end-to-end field service experience. Talk to our experts to learn how to create a personalized and connected service experience.

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