Hitachi Solutions Helps Lee Company Meet Modernization Challenge and Scale for Growth

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Construction & Home Services Company Modernizes with Microsoft Dynamics, Field Service

Read how Lee Company unified data and standardized processes across business units with Microsoft technology and Hitachi Solutions to ensure connectivity, data visibility, and business intelligence that will scale broadly and allow for sustainable growth.

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Lee Company, based in Nashville, TN, is a 79-year-old, family-owned contractor serving customer needs for everything from HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair, to huge construction design and build projects.

To ensure Lee Company could meet its ambitious goals for both revenue and geographic growth, the company knew it had to update its 20-year-old, on-premises ERP system and digitally transform its entire organization across all business units— a huge undertaking for a diverse sales, service and construction provider.

After vetting many partners, Lee Company executives agreed that Hitachi Solutions was the best partner to lead its transformation. Company executives immediately noted the ‘like’ cultures between the organizations as a fit that would promote collaboration, efficiency and ultimately success. “A partner, like Hitachi Solutions, who had a mind towards innovation and toward developing their own intellectual property around the Microsoft platform, was a good partnership for us,” said Rob Ivy, CFO.

Lee Company now has an end-to-end Dynamics 365 ERP implementation, along with Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Construction, to meet their modernization needs today and prepare them to scale and diversify in the future.  Dynamics 365 Field Service was also part of the solution and has vastly improved the company’s service management efficiency by integrating their Dynamics sales and back office data for advanced scheduling and workforce management.

And the partnership only continues to grow. Through an ongoing managed services contract with Hitachi Solutions, Lee Company’s IT team has gained the skills and knowledge necessary to better support the solution while they continue to work with Hitachi Solutions to improve and evolve the platform to meet their strategic needs and growth plans.

Ivy said, “We’ve grown a lot internally with respect to cloud software, what it takes to really make it work, and what it takes to maintain it. Fortunately, we picked Hitachi Solutions. They’ve been fantastic. Not only have they bent over backwards to make sure we have the solution we need, but they’re right there with us,” Ivy said.

Read the full case study to learn how Hitachi Solutions and Lee Company built a partnership that will last long into the future, solved the company’s modernization challenges, improved service management efficiency, enhanced business intelligence and visibility, increased productivity, and more.