On-Demand Webinar

Learn How to Modernize Your Out-dated RPA FAST

with Microsoft Power Automate and Hitachi Solutions

Join Hitachi Solutions low code experts Joel Lindstrom and Microsoft’s global hyperautomation expert Rudy Dillenseger to learn about the strategic advantages of migrating your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Microsoft Power Automate.  Not only will you understand the business value and ROI, but how to prioritize and execute your migration efficiently and effectively. 


  • Why Migrate Your RPA to Power Automate
  • ROI for Migration
  • Prioritize Your BOTs for Migration
  • Migrate Your Legacy Systems — including Blueprint!
  • Plan Your Automations Now and into the Future

Power Automate is not just cloud flows or screen-based RPA. It allows you to leverage the latest technologies, including APIs and AI, which work seamlessly together. You can enjoy the benefits of traditional RPA along with cutting-edge generative AI capabilities — all from the same process and at a significantly lower cost per bot compared with other automation platforms.

Some of our customers experienced a 70 percent reduction in annual cost and achieved payback for migrating within just 12-18 months. Learn more about Hitachi Solutions Tech Hub for Rapid Solution Delivery!

Rudy Dillenseger Global Director Hyperautomations, Microsoft
Joel Lindstrom Senior Director of Power Platform, Low-Code & Automation Hitachi Solutions