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A Gold Mine for Accelerating Your AI and Digital Transformation Initiative

Artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded onto the mainstream scene. ChatGPT, Copilot, and other generative AI tools are suddenly everywhere. Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard the buzz and want to get in on the action.

Whether it’s to help with sales, service, or operations, AI and other advanced analytics can absolutely revolutionize your business. Improved decision-making, increased efficiency and productivity, and opportunities for innovation are just a few of the ways it is modernizing every industry.

But before you can leverage these exciting new tools, you must be ready to embrace change — not only to your technology but to your processes and tasks and the way people work. This digital transformation is key to gaining the most value from AI.

Challenges in Digital Transformation

While it might sound simple, optimizing your operations can be very challenging. That’s because many companies have legacy systems and processes and paper-based tasks that are slow, error prone, and inefficient. There’s also a lack of visibility into these processes and tasks. This often leads to confusion about what processes to streamline and automate, uncertainty around where to begin modernization efforts, and failure of digital transformation initiatives.

New technology and cloud capabilities mean nothing if you haven’t got your tasks and processes in order first. Afterall, recreating an inefficient and poorly designed process in a new system results in a poorly designed and inefficient new system.

Recreating an efficient and poorly designed process in a new system results in a poorly designed and inefficient new system.

Unlock the Power of Modernization with Process and Task Mining

Process mining and task mining are powerful tools that you can use today to jumpstart this effort and accelerate the adoption of digital technologies.

Available in Microsoft’s Power Automate Process Advisor these tools give you visibility and insights into how your organization works, to help you identify inefficiencies and drive optimization with confidence.

Process Mining — Navigating the Path to Efficiency

Process mining is akin to having a GPS for your business operations. It enables you to visualize, analyze, and optimize your existing processes with precision. By examining event logs and data from various systems, process mining highlights the way processes are executed, offering insights into bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas ripe for improvement.

Modernization efforts often include digitizing and automating manual processes. Process mining helps identify these processes and paves the way for automation, freeing up resources and reducing error rates. Moreover, it plays a key role in change management by providing employees with a clear understanding of how their work will be transformed.

One of the most significant advantages of process mining when it comes to AI is data preparation. AI algorithms require high-quality, structured data to operate effectively. Process mining ensures data is collected consistently and accurately, laying a solid foundation for AI applications. It’s the first step toward making AI a valuable asset rather than a lofty goal.

Discover inefficiencies across your organization with process mining:

  • Connect, transform, and upload data from a wide variety of sources
  • Visualize a process map and gain insights from data
  • Better understand complex business processes and share insights across your organization
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Task Mining — A User-Centric Approach to Modernization

Task mining complements process mining by focusing on how users interact with digital tools and applications. It provides a focused view of individual tasks, revealing areas where automation can really make a difference. By better understanding user behaviors, you can redesign interfaces and workflows to enhance user adoption and satisfaction.

For AI specifically, task mining is invaluable for identifying tasks that can be automated through robotic process automation (RPA) or AI-powered bots. It offers a user-centric perspective on digital tools, helping you tailor AI solutions to meet user needs. This approach ensures AI is not just cool new technology but a practical solution that enhances daily work.

Capture and analyze desktop activity with task mining:

  • Resolve processes and gain insights with automatically generated grouping.
  • Visualize a process map to analyze actions and get insights.
  • Use these insights and guided recommendations to begin automating.

Better Together for AI Advancements

The collaboration between process and task mining is where the magic really happens! Together, they provide a comprehensive view of operations and user interactions and pave the way for digital transformation and AI innovation through:

  • Data-driven AI — The rich data insights from process mining, combined with user-centric data from task mining, create a goldmine for AI. With structured data and an understanding of user needs, AI algorithms can generate actionable insights, automate tasks, and drive intelligent decision making.
  • Identifying AI Opportunities — Process mining identifies processes that can benefit from AI, while task mining pinpoints tasks suitable for automation. This dual approach allows organizations to prioritize AI initiatives effectively and allocate resources where they will have the most impact.
  • AI-powered Efficiency — Automation and AI can streamline processes, making them more efficient and accurate. Process mining ensures these AI-driven processes are continually monitored and optimized for ongoing improvements.
  • User-centric AI Adoption — Task mining ensures AI implementations are designed with the user in mind. This user-centric approach increases the likelihood of successful AI adoption and maximizes the benefits of AI for the business, employees, and customers.

As you can see, process mining and task mining are essential tools for driving digital transformation and AI success. Improved data visibility and accessibility, efficiency and productivity, better decision making, and new opportunities for innovation are all benefits that lead to optimizing operations, reducing waste, improving product quality, and ultimately driving business success.

Ready to Drive Process Excellence?

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As I mentioned, process and task mining are available through Microsoft Process Advisor, which is included in your Power Automate licensing. And Hitachi Solutions is standing by and eager to help. So, if you’re wondering about process and task mining for your digital transformation and AI journey, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we even developed some great resources for you to check out to get your started:

  • Power Platform INSIGHTS — Our September issue of this Power Platform-centric newsletter is dedicated to Process Advisor and process and task mining. Chock full of product information, tips and tricks, lessons learned, and customer stories, this is a must-read for evaluating the benefits for your organization.
  • EXCHANGES  — We’ve brought together an expert panel to discuss process and task mining and Process Advisor in this edition of our informative podcast series. Tune in as they cover everything you need to know about this hot topic.
  • On-demand Webinar — Want to see the supporting visuals for what we discussed in the EXCHANGES podcast? Check out this unique visual version on-demand!
  • Power Platform Enterprise Maturity  — Through this in-depth three-week assessment, we can help you identify and align your modernization goals, determine the right path forward for your organization, and accelerate your digital transformation and AI initiatives.

Envision Success with Hitachi Solutions

Microsoft is the leader in digital transformation and generative AI and Hitachi Solutions is their go-to partner. That’s because of our unique Microsoft focus, our ability to architect across the entire technology stack, and our awesome innovation team.

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Whatever modernization success looks like for you, the Hitachi Solutions Power Platform team is ready, willing, and able to help. Contact us today to learn more!