Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare Organizations

Who Are We?

Hitachi Solutions specializes in helping healthcare organizations achieve their digital modernization goals with industry-focused solutions that harness the power of Microsoft technologies. Fueled by nearly two decades of experience, we deliver end-to-end business transformation through advisory services, industry and technology expertise, and implementation excellence. Our goal is to accelerate digital modernization initiatives that help our healthcare customers overcome obstacles, enhance care efficiency, improve patient outcomes, drive business value, and do more with their data.

Deliver the Connected Experiences Patients & Providers Expect

You can’t afford to stand still. Patient and provider expectations are rapidly evolving. You need to deliver personalized, connected experiences while empowering patients throughout their wellness journey and engaging providers across all touchpoints. Connecting your data and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)  to your advantage is ideal but managing multiple sources of data — and turning data into usable insights — can sometimes be easier said than done.

If you’re like most healthcare organizations, you have massive amounts of data but may not have the time, expertise, or in-house resources to manage it properly and maximize its value. To glean the patient intelligence you need, you must find a cost-effective way to simplify and centralize your data sources.

Make Sense of Your Data Dilemma

Lumada Empower Data Platform is a streamlined method of rapidly centralizing your data sources onto a single cloud platform — in a matter of days. We wrangle your varied data — supporting more than 200 sources — onto Empower where it can then be used to manifest the insights you need to rapidly improve the patient and provider experience and simplify billing, claims, and scheduling — all at the same time.

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Improve Coordination, Collaboration, and Productivity with Automation

At Hitachi Solutions, we work with our healthcare customers to modernize operations through automation so your workforce is empowered to focus on high-value work – not redundant tasks. Sure, it is possible to implement automation on your own, but there are numerous advantages in leveraging an experienced partner that has a proven track record of successful implementations.

Our industry and advisory expertise helps you identify and prioritize the business processes and tasks that are prime for automation, set goals, establish metrics, and get your organization on the path to boosting productivity securely. As an example, automation can enable staff to better care for patients by reducing administrative load. And automating patient input allows for more time to be spent caring for patients.

At Hitachi Solutions, we use Microsoft’s Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) as a blueprint when working with our customers. The CoE provides the tools necessary to embed a culture of automation — from adoption to governance — and provides resources and best practices to get automation right the first time.

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Prepare for an AI-driven Future to Empower Frontline Workers and Improve Patient Experience

The demands on healthcare workers have been steadily growing due to increased demand, tightening labor markets and disparate systems due to IT sprawl and mergers and acquisitions. Consolidation and integration of disparate EHR/EMR and clinical systems reduces efficiency at all levels of the patient experience by adding steps to an already complicated process. Combine that with a myriad of security vulnerabilities to be aware of in the era of AI, and you may be wondering, “what do we do about it all?”

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