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For in-home installation and facilities management companies, customer satisfaction is critical to attracting new business and sustaining existing relationships. But increasing customer expectations – and increasingly complex industry challenges – can make it difficult to determine how best to evolve service offerings to keep pace. Hitachi Solutions’ Field Service Maturity Assessment helps organizations identify the current state of their service organization, quantify the value of service transformation and innovation, and help organizations focus on the highest impact initiatives to deliver successful outcomes.

What You’ll Get:

  • An evaluation of your current field service maturity level
  • Customized recommendations for improvement
  • A roadmap outlining the next steps in your field service journey
  • Insights into leveraging Microsoft’s suite of business applications for immediate value

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Field Service Challenges

Driving Service Transformation: A Conversation with Rob Ivy, CFO at Lee Company

As customers’ expectations of service levels continue to evolve and expand, service organizations must adapt and increase their competitive advantage by increasing their ability to service customers.

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear Rob Ivy, Chief Financial Officer at Lee Company, discuss Lee Company’s service transformation journey and its guiding principles, and how it will impact the company’s plans for growth.

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