Iot Worker Safety

Create safer workplaces with IoT Service Hub

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Product overview

Hitachi Solutions IoT Service Hub for Worker Safety is an end-to-end, cloud-based solution that helps protect workers’ well-being and ensure the safety of equipment and work environments by gathering data at the edge, then using artificial intelligence to provide real-time visibility, actionable insights, and alerts when safety and environmental parameters are exceeded.

Business outcomes

With IoT Service Hub for Worker Safety, businesses are able to respond quickly to emergencies, monitor worker health and fatigue levels, and prevent exposure to hazardous environments.

  • Improves worker safety
  • Creates a safer workplace
  • Supports safety initiatives
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Proactively identifies hazards

Decrease risks and hazardous situations

Continuously monitors the health and location of workers, pinpointing potential issues and providing insights to decrease risks and hazardous situations.

  • Enables reliable and cost-effective bi-directional monitoring and data collection in the most challenging and remote environments
  • Drives safety best practices and productivity initiatives with the ability to provide continuous feedback, based on gathered data and analytics
  • Automates alerts and response based on real-time data, reducing reliance on workers to relay information, such as location and extent of damage or injury
  • Pinpoints risky behaviors and activities by aggregating data from workers’ wearables, including biometric and location data
  • Integrates GPS-enabled wearables to enable locating workers who may have been injured or are in a dangerous environment

Creates a safer workplace

Uses wireless communications to monitor equipment and work environments to identify dangers and irregularities, then trigger alerts and actions in response.

  • Provides real-time data analysis, actionable insights, and reporting to help identify and avoid hazards and failures before they occur
  • Uses artificial intelligence to continuously analyze data to verify tolerances and strengthen machine learning models
  • Supports creating parameters that automatically trigger when a threshold is exceeded, resulting in a specific action, such as shutting down a machine or sending an alert, text, or email
  • Generates user-friendly dashboards that display critical information in simple, graphical format, which provides a 360-degree view of people, equipment, and environments

Supports enterprise safety initiatives and requirements

Increases access to safety intelligence to make more informed decisions about enterprise-wide workplace safety, support safety initiatives, and comply with regulations.

  • Leverages highly reliable, advanced low-frequency wireless communications, sensor hardware, and cloud and edge technology that support scaling out safety initiatives and implement new use cases, such as predictive maintenance and operational artificial intelligence
  • Provides low-cost entry with pay-as-you-go, cloud-based SaaS platform that can be scaled as needs change
  • Reduces regulatory fines, insurance costs, and other safety-related expenses by identifying and remedying potential risky behaviors and situations before they become issues
  • Simplifies preparing reports to verify compliance with regulations and adherence to safety and workplaces requirements