Organizational Readiness

Get the most value from your modernization investments

Enable Lasting and Successful Change

In today’s technology-driven world, digital transformation remains a top priority for many companies. In fact, many are now calling it “AI Transformation.” But it can be risky to make a major capital investment in technology — or any investment involving major change within your business — without knowing what the return will bring.

We know that digital change — without user acceptance — is not going to provide the ROI success you’re looking for. The reason? Change impacts people and how they do their job. Projects can suffer from slow adoption and low utilization due to ineffective sponsorship, poor communication, and the inherent resistance to change.

To better define and manage expectations, it takes a strong level of commitment and collaboration coupled with organizational readiness, training, and change management strategies. When this effort is applied, implementations are six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives.

Approximately 75% of all system implementation projects fail because of end user adoption problems.

Ready to Get More From Digital Transformation?

Organizational readiness for digital transformation can mean many things, depending on your unique business model. Hitachi Solutions has a people-first approach that better prepares everyone for change and maximizes the impact and outcomes of your technology investments.

Led by experienced and certified change management practitioners, our organizational readiness offerings drive more successful projects, develop your leadership competencies, and enhance strategic change capabilities. Our experts partner with you to work through the digital initiative and confirm your organization is ready to embrace the new opportunities and innovations.

Strategic Organizational Readiness

You know your business best. So, to help you better prepare for digital transformation and manage ROI expectations, we customize a plan based on best-practice change management standards adapted from Prosci’s ADKAR® methodology. We go way beyond just teaching you and your employees about the new technology. We immerse you in the new ways of doing business and how to be more efficient and productive in the new, modern environment.

  • Readiness Assessment – The Organizational Readiness Assessment is the foundation for all our change advisory services. It is designed to evaluate organizational readiness, risks for the change, and impacts to employees. Assessment findings are used to develop a best-practice approach to lead your employees through the transition and into the envisioned future state.
  • Adoption Readiness – Adoption Readiness includes a detailed training plan, communication plan, and sponsorship roadmap. Adoption Readiness is not a one-size fits all solution but is tailored for the unique culture and needs of your users and organization and includes specific plans to enable a smoother, more successful transition.
  • Change Advisory – Change Advisory focuses on reinforcement and sustainability. An experienced and certified change practitioner will be embedded into the team for the life of the project. They are there to guide, advise, simplify, and support leadership teams, stakeholders, and users through complex changes.
  • Business Transformation – Business transformation brings about changes to the way people work, increasing the people-dependent portion of the project ROI. To realize the most value from your innovation initiatives, organizational readiness, training, and change management needs to be a strategic part of every project.

Empower Your Organization Through Readiness

Proven benefits and outcomes of a comprehensive organizational readiness strategy for your digital transformation projects include:

  • Meeting employees where they are and driving more successful change
  • Reducing employee negativity and resistance
  • Amplifying digital transformation value and ROI
  • Improving change competency levels enterprise-wide
  • Implementing true organizational change, not just installing new technology
  • Increasing project success metrics
  • Reducing risk and achieving faster time to value

Know Where You Are

If you want to get the most ROI out of your digital innovation and technology investments, ensuring your organization is ready, willing, and able to change is key. And we are here to help you on your readiness journey. Contact our experts today.

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