Strategic Direction

Successfully aligning business strategy to people, process, and innovation

Strategic Direction for Your Digital Transformation

Despite today’s rapid pace of innovation, you want to make sure technology and business process changes are going to provide the value you want and expect. Often, this means vetting and prioritizing your modernization initiatives before implementation. This is where Hitachi Solutions Advisory Services comes in.

We help confirm the strategic direction and goals of your digital transformation projects throughout the organization. That means, we work to understand and align everyone — from leadership through to the end user. This end-to-end approach gives us direct insight and confirmation of key performance indicators (KPIs), helps manage expectations, and better prepares people for the change. Not only does this drive a smoother transition and increase user adoption, it also leads to more value and innovation for the entire enterprise.

Work with Hitachi Solutions Advisory Services to:

  • Confirm strategic priorities – to organize and focus your modernization initiatives
  • Map the vision – for the entire enterprise
  • Create a prototype – to experience, explore, and confirm your desired future state
  • Understand the business value – we identify and confirm KPIs to measure impact and track your transformation success

At Hitachi Solutions, we are advisors, technologists, and Microsoft specialists who collaborate to provide customers with a comprehensive 360-degree view of business transformation. Our approach encompasses management consultancy, technology-driven solutions for business challenges, and agile implementation. We start with a focus on desired outcomes and conclude with enhanced adoption and results.

Dave Horstein
Director, Advisory Services

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