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Achieve digital transformation goals with modern training solutions.

Realize more value through prepared people

Digital transformation of ERP and CRM systems is more popular than ever in today’s “do more with less” environment. But did you know that 55 to 75 percent of ERP projects do not meet their intended objectives — and inadequate training is the #3 cause?

That’s because a lot of companies focus only on meeting milestones and achieving the end goal. They forget that one of the most important success factors when it comes to implementing new technology is people.

After all, the core of digital transformation is changing the way your employees think and work. Without user acceptance and adoption, your digital systems will never meet their maximum ROI and value potential, and the entire project is bound to fail.

Training is the heart of digital transformation ROI

Hitachi Solutions understands the importance of user training when it comes to digital transformation. We offer a range of comprehensive learning programs — led by experienced advisors and professionals — that can be customized for your unique needs.

From pure training guidance to tactical content development, we can reduce uncertainty and resistance, increase adoption and benefits of your initiatives, and set your team up for success with custom curriculum that addresses their specific training needs. We provide three levels of services including:

  1. Learning Needs Assessment and Plan — This detailed evaluation is the foundation of all our training services.
  2. Customer-driven Learning Development and Delivery — For customers with mature training capabilities, we can partner with you to advise, assist, and determine the best path forward.
  3. Hitachi Solutions-driven Learning Development and Delivery — We can design and deliver learning programs and delivery support tailored for your people and organization.

Benefits of quality learning programs

Proven benefits and outcomes of a standardized and scalable training strategy for your digital transformation projects include:

  • Prepares your end users to perform better in the new environment
  • Maximizes people-dependent ROI
  • Improves your training competence
  • Reduces risk and resistance and helps achieve faster time to value
  • Leverages your data and configuration to design and deliver customized training
  • End users are informed, prepared, and ready to go live
  • Standardized and scalable training

Hitachi Solutions delivers empowered change

To get the most value out of your digital transformation initiatives, training is a critical success factor. We have a complete learning services practice that is staffed with experienced, certified, and skilled trainers. This ensures you get a research-based, best-practices approach that goes beyond just walking through capabilities. You get role-focused, process-driven, and performance-based learning experiences that ensure your people are inspired, excited and ready to embrace change. Contact us today to learn more.

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