5 Benefits of Using Power Platform and Hitachi Solutions to Accelerate Your Apps Backlog


Power Platform Insights: July/August 2022

In this edition of Power Platform Insights, our tech hub of experts address 9 customer FAQs — from "How do you decide if you should use low-code vs traditional development?" to "What are the steps to move an application from SharePoint to Dataverse?"

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In today’s agile, fast-paced development environment, resource-strapped IT departments can struggle to keep up with demand. This can cause slow delivery and lack of innovation, which can lead to frustration on the part of business leaders.

This is why it is essential to have a backlog of applications and automation — a strategic, prioritized to-do list that keeps everyone on track and speeds development cycles. Having a backlog reduces confusion and rush jobs and helps your team be more productive and responsive.

Build your backlog with Power Platform

If you don’t have the time or resources to establish a proper backlog, you should look at Microsoft Power Platform. It is ideal for helping you rapidly develop that backlog of applications and automation you need to drive efficiency, innovation, and agility.

In case you don’t know, Power Platform is a suite of low code | no code tools that provides a robust platform for rapid in-house process automation and application development with minimal resources. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, and includes a wealth of pre-built connectors that allow you to easily develop reusable components.

Innovate faster with Hitachi Solutions Digital Factory

For optimal efficiency, though, you have to go beyond just having the ability to develop a backlog. You also have to have the ability to address and deploy that backlog quickly. This is where Hitachi Solutions can help.

We’ve developed Hitachi Solutions Digital Factory, a unique offer based on Power Platform. With Digital Factory, we assess your application needs, define a roadmap, and assign a custom team of experts and resources. This “power pod” works with you to prioritize and create your backlog, as well as complete it — one app at a time, on your schedule, and within your budget.

5 benefits of using Power Platform and Hitachi Solutions to accelerate your backlog

Digital Factory is flexible and collaborative. It provides a streamlined, cost-effective setting for in-tandem development that unlocks the full potential of Power Platform for your organization. The top five benefits include:

  1. Fast Innovation — Working through your backlog, our team can simultaneously design new apps and automation while your company tests our work, expediting the process from design to final delivery.
  2. Synergy — Digital Factory provides continuity across multiple development efforts and close alignment between our teams. This synergy eliminates ramp-up time and decreases costs while increasing time to value.
  3. Flexibility — Many Power Platform projects touch other technologies, such as Azure, Office, SharePoint, Teams, and custom development. With Digital Factory, you get expertise from all solution areas, and we can supplement as needed without a new contract.
  4. Control — With full transparency to the backlog and a resource manager regularly reviewing the roadmap, you maintain control of all future work and billings. You can increase or decrease the resource levels as your needs dictate.
  5. Cost Efficiency — Digital Factory provides an affordable and predictable cost option for picking up the pace of app development and ensuring backlog success.  

Ready to get to work?

The good news is, that if you have made previous investments in Microsoft cloud technologies like Dynamics 365 or Microsoft 365, you probably already have the Power Platform licenses in place. Whether you choose to explore Power Platform to fast-track your app backlog or want to explore it for other development activities, Hitachi Solutions can provide expert guidance to help you unlock its full potential.

If you have any questions about Hitachi Solutions Digital Factory or Microsoft Power Platform please reach out! We’d love to help you be more efficient and effective around automation and application development.