Why Financial Services Organizations Should Leverage Microsoft Sales Copilot to Improve Sales Efficiency

Sales is a challenging and competitive field, especially in the financial services industry. Customers have high expectations and complex needs, and sellers need to be agile, responsive, and knowledgeable to win their trust and loyalty. However, many sellers struggle with inefficient and tedious sales processes that take up valuable time and energy, such as manual data entry, updating CRM systems, writing emails, and taking notes during meetings. 

Here’s where Sales Copilot, formerly known as Microsoft Viva Sales, comes to the rescue.

What is Microsoft Sales Copilot?

Sales Copilot is a new seller experience application that integrates with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to help organizations automate, simplify, and optimize sales processes. Sales Copilot works with any CRM system — including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Salesforce — to capture, access, and register data automatically. It also uses generative AI to create content, such as emails and meeting summaries, based on customer interactions. 

As a comprehensive sales enablement platform, Sales Copilot is designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of sales. It centralizes customer data and streamlines sales processes, allowing sales teams to access valuable insights, track interactions, and manage leads in one place. The platform also offers intelligent analytics and forecasting capabilities, enabling data-driven decision-making and improved sales strategies. And Sales Copilot facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing among geographically dispersed teams.  

Three Benefits of Using Sales Copilot Today

Top benefits of Sales Copilot for financial services organizations include:  

  1. Streamlining Sales Processes — Sales Copilot offers a unified platform that brings together your existing tools and processes. Sales teams can manage their activities, from lead generation to deal closure, within a centralized hub, boosting productivity and reducing administrative overhead. It is not a replacement for CRM. CRM systems remain the enterprise data repository for your customer data. Sales Copilot helps drive seller productivity. 

    Sales Copilot also enables financial services companies to automate routine tasks, such as data entry, report generation, and follow-ups. This automation frees up valuable time for sales professionals, allowing them to focus on building relationships with clients and driving revenue. 
  1. Enhancing Customer Relationships — Sales Copilot integrates with the two leading CRM systems, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. This empowers financial services companies to centralize and organize customer data. This unified view enables sales teams to gain deeper insights into customer preferences, behavior, and needs, facilitating personalized and targeted engagement. Sales Copilot can generate meeting summaries, emails, and next-best actions based on the customer engagement data from your CRM system. 
  1. Providing Insights Through Intelligent Analytics — Sales Copilot provides real-time visibility into sales performance metrics, which empowers sales leaders to monitor team performance, track individual sales goals, and identify opportunities for improvement. Analytics data can also help increase customer satisfaction and deal velocity. This valuable information helps sales teams understand customer buying patterns, refine their strategies, and proactively address customer needs, ultimately strengthening customer relationships and increasing customer lifetime value.  

How Financial Services Organizations Are Using Sales Copilot: Three Examples 

As you can see, Sales Copilot offers a wide range of powerful benefits for financial services organizations, empowering them to optimize their sales processes, enhance customer relationships, and drive business growth. So how do these benefits translate to the real world? Check out these examples of Sales Copilot in action:  

Optimized Efficiency 

As an experienced sales representative at a leading financial services firm, Jean has a great reputation for closing deals. However, she is continually looking for ways to work smarter, close deals faster, and provide exceptional service to her clients. This is why Sales Copilot is perfect for Jean, who instantly recognizes the potential of the platform to streamline her workflows and boost her sales efficiency. 

With Sales Copilot integrated with the existing CRM system, Jean has access to all customer information and sales data from a single interface. The automation features help speed her manual tasks, such as data entry and follow-up emails, giving her more time to focus on enhancing relationships with her clients. 

Collaboration is also a big part of Jean’s job, and Sales Copilot provides her with the tools she needs to work more effectively with her team. Through the platform’s real-time document sharing and co-authoring features, Jean and her colleagues can join forces on sales proposals and presentations, ensuring consistency and accuracy. And the virtual meeting capabilities allow her to connect with her team members, wherever they are, fostering better communication and alignment. 

Jean can also leverage the knowledge repository within Sales Copilot to view the latest sales collateral, training materials, and best practices. This ensures she has the most up-to-date information at her fingertips so she can always deliver compelling and relevant pitches to her clients. And with Sales Copilot’ analytics and reporting capabilities, she can track her performance metrics, measure the effectiveness of her sales strategies, and make data-driven adjustments to optimize her approach. 

Elevated Experience 

As a dedicated relationship manager at a reputable financial services firm, understanding each client’s needs and being attentive is a top priority for Sam. Making sure clients are happy and remain loyal directly contributes to Sam’s success, and the growth of the business. So, they are always looking for ways to build trust, strengthen relationships, and become a valued partner for their clients. 

Sales Copilot integrates client data and communication history, giving Sam a holistic view of each client, including their preferences, past interactions, and important milestones. With this valuable information readily available, they can engage with clients in a personalized and meaningful way. And because it provides intelligent insights, they can anticipate client needs and proactively offer relevant recommendations, products, and services. 

Using the platform’s collaboration tools, Sam is able to easily schedule virtual client meetings, share important documents securely, and co-author proposals or reports in real-time. By facilitating seamless communication, Sales Copilot helps Sam build trust and foster transparency with clients. Sam can also use the knowledge repository within the platform to share informative content, industry updates, and educational resources, adding value to all their client relationships. 

Sales Copilot also helps Sam improve service and satisfaction through advanced reporting and analytics. They can easily track interactions, measure the effectiveness of communication strategies, and identify opportunities for improvement. This allows them to tailor their approach, refine messaging, and ensure more impactful client engagements. 

Deep Insights 

Don is a seasoned financial advisor with a wealth management firm. He understands the importance of providing the most informed advice to his clients, especially in these times of economic volatility. That’s why he looks to technology to help him become that trusted advisor who can guide his clients toward their financial goals with confidence and expertise.  

With Sales Copilot, Don sees an opportunity to gain the visibility he needs to enhance his advisory services. It integrates data and financial information and provides a comprehensive view of his clients’ portfolios, investments, and financial goals. Powerful analytics and predictive modeling capabilities provide valuable insights that allow Don to identify investment opportunities, track market trends, and assess potential risks. It even alerts him to significant changes in clients’ portfolios or market conditions, empowering him to proactively reach out and provide timely recommendations and advice.  

Through Sales Copilot’ forecasting capabilities, Don can simulate different scenarios and assess the potential impact on his clients’ financial goals, helping him make well-informed suggestions and develop robust investment strategies. And Don stays up to date with the latest industry news, research reports, and market analysis through an integrated knowledge repository. This ensures he always has the most relevant information to provide well-rounded guidance to his clients.  

Improve Sales Efficiency Today with Hitachi Solutions   

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