Hitachi Solutions America Introduces Security by Trace Auditing, Key Management, and Encryption

Powerful and affordable security extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers fierce data protection for enhanced customer confidence and compliance

IRVINE, Calif. — September 21, 2018 — Hitachi Solutions America Ltd., a leading provider of global industry solutions powered by the Microsoft Cloud, announced today Hitachi Solutions’ Security by Trace Auditing, Key Management, and Encryption (STAKE). The new product works right out of the box to arm organizations with the security, control, transparency, and accountability they need to fiercely protect data, fully comply with strict regulations, and win customer confidence and trust.

Through highly-secure encryption, patented key generation and storage, and unique trace audit logging, STAKE adds layers of security to data stored and shared on the cloud, gives users complete control of their encryption keys, and separates regulatory checks and balances. Because it augments existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems, the solution is cost-effective, easy to deploy and use, and scalable. STAKE also incorporates Hitachi Solutions’ industry expertise to minimize risk and speed time to value.

STAKE is designed to help organizations who struggle with data security issues to stay a step ahead of the cyber threat landscape. Main benefits include:

  • Keep company and customer data safe, prevent identity theft and fraud, and block brute force attacks
  • Make data useless to hackers in the event of a data breach or government data seizure
  • Monitor & stop suspicious user activities to minimize inside threats and prevent data leakage and loss
  • Proactively take control of the security of data shared or stored in the cloud
  • Provide the full transparency and accountability needed to meet industry and government compliance, including GDPR

Functionality that drives STAKE to provide such strong data protection for Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes:

  • Military Grade Encryption — The solution combines AES 256-bit encryption algorithms with proprietary FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography module to offer the toughest data protection available — the same level used by the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies.
  • Zero Knowledge Key Management (ZKKM) – Patented third-party key management technology gives users control of their encryption keys, which is the only way for them to have complete confidence in the security of data shared or stored in the cloud.
  • Auditable User & Data Logs — All user activity is tracked in comprehensive detail — including system administrator activity. With the system always watching, checks and balances are separated as required for regulatory compliance.

“Data security tops almost every list of challenges that keep executives up at night. That’s because they remain under constant and intense pressure to ensure customer privacy, defend company IP, and adhere to regulations,” said Craig Burbidge, senior vice president at Hitachi Solutions America. “With STAKE, clients can rest a little easier knowing they can easily and affordably use the same tool trusted by Japan’s most sophisticated mega banks to help them safeguard their data and reduce threats, while achieving stringent compliance and improving customer trust and service.”

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