Always Be Cobbling; with Hitachi Solutions D365 Tools

‘Twas the week before Christmas and inside Santa’s Workshop, three Elves were huddled around their workstations, going through customer lists and checking them twice.

That night, one of their tools, namely an outdated and poorly maintained version of D365, was not working well for them. “Why don’t my forms look right?” asked the first Elf. “Why is it so hard to see what toys are going to each household?” asked another Elf. The head Elf, frustrated, finished up, “Where did all the contracts go? And by the way, do we have military grade encryption?”.

The Elves were clearly frustrated. Since the last upgrade, things had not gone well. So Santa sent in someone from the home office to straighten things out. Winter’s Breath arrived just as the complaining was heating up. “Can I have your attention for a moment! So you’re talking about what? You’re talking a failed system upgrade? A drop in user adoption? Can your pixie dust not fix that?”

The first Elf took a sip of cocoa. Winter’s Breath was enraged. “PUT THAT COCOA DOWN! Cocoa is for CRM’ers only! I am NOT screwing around here. I was sent by Kris Kringle himself. And I’m on a mission of mercy! You call yourselves CRM Elves? Real CRM Elves would have planned for this!”

“But how?” asked the lead Elf. Winter’s Breath grew impatient. “By starting with Hitachi Solutions D365 Essential Tools! It’s an affordable subscription that ensures your customizations stay secure and up to date. It also accelerates any new development you Elves want to do for next season. It also reduces time and maintenance costs, so you Elves have more time to make the toys!”

The second Elf spoke up, “We’ll if you’re such a know-it-all, what are you doing up here with a bunch of bums like us?”. Winter’s Breath took a second. “Hey pal! I’m here to help you bums adopt and use this D365 tool and protect Kringle’s investment. And thankfully, since I’m bringing you Hitachi Solutions’ D365 Adoption Tools, ALL the Elves will be using the system by Boxing Day.

In fact, I bet the Elves will be excited to use tools like Enterprise Calendar, Activity Notes, 360 Degree Tiles, and Docu-Drop. And you want to make sure you don’t send duplicate toys to the twins, Household Visualization helps you solve that!”

The head Elf finally asked, “OK, but what am I going to do with my thousands of supplier contracts and more importantly my thousands of Toy rules?”

“You’re in luck, pal! Luckily Kringle just secured Hitachi Solutions Rules Engine for you bums. Now, even though you don’t know how to code, you can manage thousands of complex rules. So no matter how complex the list, you can create a manage automations that save you time and get you back cobbling! AND, he threw in My Contracts so you can keep up with your contracts and always understand the context.”

“Remember boys and girls, A – Always, B – Be, C – CRM’ing. And I’ll leave you with the short explainer video”