Hitachi Solutions Retail Awareness Offerings – Unified Commerce in the Age of Digital Transformation

The retail sector, like most industries, is always changing. Both external and internal factors affect retailers: Some are moving toward storefronts with cashier-less models; others are considering incorporating virtual reality into their showrooms or online shopping experiences. These are only a couple examples of the transformational changes taking place in retail.

Why is this important?

To stay competitive in today’s market, it is imperative that retailers understand customer behavior patterns at all points of contact and develop strategies to meet and exceed customer expectations. Retailers have found themselves in the age of digital transformation, and Hitachi Solutions’ Retail Awareness offerings are here to help facilitate that transformation.

So, how do we meet the needs of our consumers? How can we provide them with a streamlined shopping experience that is both cutting edge and fluid?

Move beyond the omnichannel capabilities of today’s changing marketplace to a truly connected retail experience, one that uses connected devices to harness and utilize the data from all areas of your business.

By ensuring that all store operations function harmoniously, you create a system in which all of your connected devices communicate with each other in real time. Using this system, you can foster customer loyalty via personalized engagement, create and drive new revenue, and run operations with greater efficiency.

The Hitachi Retail Awareness capabilities enable you to provide consumers with an integrated shopping experience across all platforms.

Hitachi Solutions Retail Awareness features an IoT hub, business software, and devices, all of which leverage an open and flexible Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer engagement, are integrated into the solution. The Retail Awareness offerings help retailers break down organizational silos and create an interconnected ecosystem that acts as the organization’s central nervous system.

Scenario – Hitachi Retail Awareness Offerings Engage Customers During Their Visit to Your Store

Let’s say that while visiting your website, a customer places an item in their shopping cart, but never completes the purchase. A few weeks later, that customer is walking through one of your brick-and-mortar locations. Upon entering the establishment, the customer is notified of ongoing promotions via your app; these promotions are based upon the customer’s abandoned shopping cart.

As the customer browses around the store, the system is given information on their browsing patterns. Eventually, the customer finds an item they want to purchase and decides to make their way to the checkout line. On the customer’s way to checkout, the app provides them with various add-on item recommendations based upon their past purchase history and in-store browsing data. As the customer selects which items they want to purchase and completes their transaction, their customer history is automatically updated with a complete list of new purchase and browsing data.

The customer’s reaction to the various recommendations – whether they looked at them, if they added any add-on items, is all recorded for future changes to the sorts of recommendations that they, and possibly others in their demographic will receive.

Hitachi Solutions Retail Awareness offerings deliver a shopping experience tailored to your customers’ specific interests and needs, which enables them to successfully navigate a cross-channel situation. By engaging customers during their visit and using acquired data to offer real-time recommendations, each customer’s omnichannel experience is unique. These real-time recommendations are based upon their preferences, buying patterns, and purchase history.

Gathering and understanding your customer data enables you to better understand customers buying patterns and provides you a clear picture of your brand’s demographics, which is essential for effective targeted marketing.

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