How to use Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent to improve Customer Service


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The Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service is a customer service chatbot built on the Microsoft Bot Framework that empowers customer service teams to create powerful bots using a guided, no-code, graphical interface. The Virtual Agent bot allows your non-technical subject matter experts to create and monitor customer service bots.

You can also connect your bots to back-end systems through Microsoft Flow using hundreds of connectors. These connectors can be used to automate existing internal workflows and can also be used to create custom Flows for your legacy systems to extend Virtual Agent capability. Virtual Agent will give you better insights through Customer Service Insights a holistic view of your customer service department.

Additionally, there are out-of-the-box dashboards that will provide you with information about how bots are performing, engagement rate, customer satisfaction, even topics your bots most frequently passed over to a human agent.

Ready to get started? Before you can set up your bot, you’ll need to provision a Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent by following the steps below.

Steps to provision a Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent

  1. Signup for Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent Preview

2. Give your bot a name and choose the bot’s environment

3. Click on Create to create a Virtual Agent

 4. Your Bot Agent is ready to use

How to create your new Virtual Agent

  1. Create a new greeting or use existing templates to start

2. Click on Topics to check existing list of topics

3. Select and edit any topic, we choose to edit Greeting from topics.

4. Preview your bot before, deploy to the website

5. Time to deploy your Virtual Agent to your website. Select a demo website for deployment

Takes a few minutes

Deployment to demo website is completed

6. Click on Publish to launch the demo website for your virtual agent

7. Click on Analytics to analyze the virtual agent Customer Interactions and Satisfaction

Now that you know how to provision your Virtual Agent and create your bot, there are a few best practices you may want to keep in mind.

Five best practices for creating bot content

  1. Know your audience – Deep knowledge of products and service and user base.
  2. Identify use case scenarios – keep finding use cases where human judgment and efforts been required.
  3. Keep Your sections short – Maximum of 4 lines, just don’t make them too long.
  4. Update the exceptions regularly – keep update the new findings to the bot conversation.
  5. Plan for the unexpected queries – make sure all responses result in logical replies.