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The insurance industry is being transformed by digital innovation. In fact, few sectors have experienced a more significant digital evolution than insurance. Innovations like machine learning, predictive analytics, and IoT have all changed the game for the insurance industry, and they’re not done reaping the benefits.

What gets lost in the shuffle of trying to stay up-to-date is still delivering an optimal user experience for independent brokers and agents and an easy way to manage those relationships internally. In an industry with as many competitors as insurance, this is a vital and somewhat easy way to set yourself apart from the competition. How can an insurance carrier deliver the best user experience? With the best insurance broker software.

Insurance broker software is the tool that makes interacting and working with brokers easier, more productive, and more lucrative for everyone. It helps them sell more policies, keep tabs on their customers, and stay in touch with carriers. A quality insurance broker management program makes doing their jobs a breeze.

But not every broker management software platform is built alike. To set yourself apart from the competition, and get brokers to sell more of your policies, you must find insurance broker software that checks the following boxes.

Personalized Broker Experience

A personalized experience is the key to customer and user satisfaction, in any industry and business. The same goes for insurance broker software. Insurance brokers are accustomed to cookie-cutter CRM platforms and user portals – they want something that offers them more.

A complete insurance broker software solution will allow you to offer personalized, contextual experiences on demand via the portal as well as a “broker 360 view” for internal users. Brokers will be able to access vital data, contact information, carrier information, and more, in the manner in which they want it. The software can even go a step further, making sure the broker is taken care of and staying on top of their most pressing tasks.

An example: One insurance broker software program features a licensing dashboard for brokers. This is monitored by insurance carriers internally via a licensing renewal dashboard and notifies the broker when they have licensing coming due to remind them to renew. Some carriers even pay the renewal fee. This small gesture makes the broker feel cared for and can save the carrier money in the long run.

Customized Portal Features

Everyone does their job a bit differently. We all have organizational tools and tactics that fit our work style and make us better at our jobs. This is definitely the case for insurance brokers – they each have experience working in different portals, with different operating systems, and varying interfaces. The key is to let them create a portal that fits their preferences and needs.

Many older insurance broker software systems only offer one view for internal users and one portal interface. Brokers who had recently changed agencies or carriers have to learn a new operating system, oftentimes not maximizing its potential. A custom portal option for brokers helps them do their jobs to the best of their abilities by reducing the time it takes to learn a new portal. In turn they will get to selling more policies and taking better care of their customers.

A custom insurance broker software portal should be built to:

  • Look great – carrier branding and modern interface
  • Be extendable – grow with the broker and offer many capabilities
  • Be fluid – allow brokers to seamlessly change portal layout, module options, etc.

All-In-One Dashboard

There is nothing worse in the insurance industry than having to work across portals and software programs to access the data and information you need to do your job. Siloed and disparate data systems slow down process, cause errors, and are just a headache for brokers and carriers alike.

With insurance broker software, brokers can now access everything they need from your organization in a comprehensive dashboard. This all-in-one solution can compile and organize data from many sources onto one screen and dashboard, keeping the broker in one place. This system helps with analytics and reports, and equips brokers to easily keep tabs on valuable metrics like:

  • Premiums
  • Submissions
  • Renewals
  • Commissions

The UI/UX design features of a comprehensive insurance broker software solution put everything they need to excel at their jobs right at their fingertips.

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Engage for Insurance gives insurers a practical solution to effectively manage and foster profitable relationships across agencies, customers, brokers, and other partners. With out-of-the-box insurance specific modules and customizable solutions, Engage for Insurance enables insurers to focus on all aspects of their insurance business and the customer lifecycle, from relationship and engagement management to business development.

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