Natioanl-Insurance-Day-Graphic Natioanl-Insurance-Day-Graphic

National Insurance Awareness Day

Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda. That is certainly not a great place to be but luckily for us, National Insurance Awareness Day exists! It’s a day to remind us to prepare for, be proactive around and protect our livelihood from the unpredictable and ill-fated. Whether reviewing existing policies, exploring extended coverage or thinking ahead for future needs, June 28th is an opportunity to bring a little peace of mind into your daily life. And Hitachi Solutions wants to highlight the importance of that for all of us – as individuals, as employees, as customers and in business.

We can all most likely agree that the worst possible time to evaluate an insurance policy is after an unfortunate or catastrophic event. Rocket science, it is not. Trying to decipher what is and what is not covered when things have gone unexpectedly sideways is no easy task when focus is dividedly elsewhere. But how many of us really look closely at the fine print on the pages of those filed and shelved policies? Though it can be time consuming, ensuring your policies move in tandem with your life circumstance is crucial when it comes to keeping your loved ones and investments safe.

At Hitachi Solutions, the safety of those we employ is always top of mind. We believe it is our ethical responsibility to champion an environment of support and care, one that values the individual and protects their rights. When companies genuinely invest in their employee’s well-being, the ROI is almost always in the intangible black. It contributes to higher retention and loyalty, impacts overall performance, and leads to better and more innovative, creative and critical thinking.

We take the same approach with our customers. We invest time listening – to truly understand the unique challenges their business faces. We establish trust through the pairing of our capabilities to their desired outcomes via customized solutions. Solutions that, end-to-end, transform and modernize their processes and systems – safeguarding their investment.

In fact, we help the insurance companies that hold your policies do that very thing. Hitachi Solutions has years of experience helping insurance organizations modernize their applications and infrastructure so they can better serve their policyholders, brokers and agents. To learn more, visit the insurance industry solutions page or reach out and talk to one of our industry experts.

It comes down to risk management and anything we can do to help our employees and our customers get ahead of the game is always worth doing. Which is why we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put a pen to paper and advocate for National Insurance Awareness Day. It is that important.

Join us in recognizing the opportunity to mitigate risk, today, on June 28th.