Top 5 Reasons Marketing Needs Services


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As marketers, we are exposed to the challenge of optimizing our time and budget day by day. Technology is a tremendous ally, making our lives easier by providing options that automate many different processes and repetitive tasks. Marketing dashboard tools, social media management platforms, email automation solutions and advertising services, to mention a few. The list keeps on growing.

It’s no longer a secret that it’s hard to keep pace with the market needs and in most situations, not all the skills and resources are available in our organization. We can name many distinct reasons to why we ought to rely on services. We have picked the top ones here, keeping you from having to go through the entire lineup.

1. Lack of Time

On many occasions, the logic behind the decision to contract services is as simple as the lack of time. Given that it’s a time-consuming exercise to be at the top of all the endless marketing solutions, leaving the providers’ specialists to do it is the best pick. Their expertise enables the project to be accomplished in less time and with striking results.

2. Unleash Resources

Let’s be honest, at times the loss of motivation builds up as new technology vendors appear on the horizon more and more frequently. Modern marketers rather focus on creative ideas than getting trained and spending time on figuring out new marketing tools. By unleashing resources, their innovative work will gain a higher level of quality.

3. Take Advantage at Full Capacity of All the Marketing Providers

Technology, apart from being our friend, has its dark side as well: the continuous evaluation of all the platforms and mastering them is an impossible mission. It’s common to use only the basic functionalities of our marketing technology to the detriment of its full implementation. All of the MarTech vendors offer best practice guides, videos, webinars, live follow-up calls and so on. However, to make the most out of the contracted marketing features and obtain the highest ROI of each tool, externalized services pay off.

4. Increase Skillset

Once a missing skillset is detected, it’s highly probable that it won’t justify a new resource. When in-house knowledge needs extra know-how, regardless of the size of the marketing team, that need will be solved by choosing the right service or person to be in charge instead of an existing team member.

5. Employee Satisfaction

It’s our last point in this list but not the least important. The MarTech stack keeps on growing and the ecosystem of all of the players sometimes feels like a maze. Managing tedious tasks on a recurrent basis and trying to be continuously updated on all the marketing machinery can be overwhelming and stressful. A team member who is having a hard time may affect their team’s productivity and morale. Mental health is mostly associated with feedback and psychological safety. Nevertheless, the increasing burden on the workforce can be relieved by the capability of one feeling empowered by a realistic workload and achievable business objectives.

We can leave the experts of each technology field to give us a hand. If you prefer, think of them as remote team members whom we can trust equally. It will save you valuable time to focus on what really matters. Don’t be reticent and use marketing services as a weapon to boost the marketing department’s potential.