Top 5 Reasons to use Dynamics 365 for Talent Attract Top 5 Reasons to use Dynamics 365 for Talent Attract

Top 5 Reasons to use Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract

People, ideas, and organizational culture drive company success. Talent management is a strategic initiative to recruit, hire, develop and retain the top talent in the job market. Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends Report finds that HR departments are being tasked to redesign everything they do to change the way organizations hire, manage, and support their people.

In this knowledge revolution era, there is an ever-growing competition to attract and retain the best talent among top-performing companies. Organizational success is dependent on the people within the organization and the role of the Human Resource department is critical to attracting, retaining, and developing the best talent.

* Modular apps work in conjunction with D365 for Talent

Let’s start by discussing the Top 5 Reasons to use Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract.

Reason #1: Job Board publishing:
Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract offers out-of-the-box integration with LinkedIn Recruiter. This gives the immediate opportunity to access professional profiles and reach job seekers. The hiring team can reach out to the potential candidates and can bring them into the recruitment process.

Job listings can be published to Dynamics 365 for Talent careers site and/or LinkedIn. Candidates can apply directly from the job page on the Talent Career site. All information that the candidate supplies will be available in Attract.

Integration to other job sites will be available soon.

Reason #2: Candidate experience:
Most of the leading recruitment experience surveys have a common theme – “Candidate engagement.”

Creating good communication has dual benefits for the organization. Establishing an excellent brand and showcasing organizational culture.

With the integration of Attract and LinkedIn Recruiting and Talent career site, the candidate applying for a job has a single click event and information is seamlessly transferred to Attract. The Candidate will instantly get an email defining the job details and applicant portal access to all their submissions.

The applicant portal gives accurate insights to the candidate by providing the candidate the ability to:

  • View their upload documents, uploaded resume, reference letters, and etc.
  • See what stage of the hiring process they are in
  • Respond to the scheduled interview dates

The system also automatically sends status alerts at each step of the recruitment process keeping the candidate engaged throughout the process.

Reason #3: Hiring team experience
Attract along with Office 365, brings together information in one centralized tool. Attract empowers your team with all the information they need to make the best hiring decision. Attract eliminates disconnected conversations and document sharing with centralized profiles.

Attract allows the hiring team to:

  • Create customizable job stages by Job
  • Create and organize the candidate pool in one place
  • Create unified candidate profiles from multiple sources
  • Utilize predictive job matching and Candidate mining shortlisting
  • Enable effective collaboration and sharing capabilities:
    • One location for all candidate documents
    • One location for all feedback
    • Schedule interviews with Outlook integration
    • See all schedules on one screen
    • Setup Skype call
  • Allow the hiring manager to make the best informed hiring decision

Attract also gives the hiring team the ability to shortlist the best suitable job candidates, collaborate online, and make the right hiring choice.

Reason #4: Assessments

survey of talent acquisition leaders found that 52% said the most difficult part of recruitment was identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool. Attract in conjunction with Gauge offers the ability to create online skill assessments. These assessments can be customizable per candidate or job and be reused. Assessments can be timed, allowing you to measure, the timing to answer, as well as correctness. You can choose from multiple questions types as well as embed video, image, and code blocks. Scoring of assessments can be created with pre-defined answers or manually graded.

Assessments give deep insights into candidate capabilities, accomplishments, cultural and leadership qualities. Since it’s configurable and customizable, human resources can measure the candidate’s capabilities in all aspects of the job. This pre-screening can effectively shortlist qualified candidates.

Reason #5: The interview process

The most critical aspect of recruitment is the interview process. Depending on the industry and job, usually, two to three rounds of interviews are conducted per candidate.

Attract streamlines the interview process by:

  • Candidate scheduling:
    • Through the applicant portal, the candidate can confirm dates and times that they are available.
    • The talent acquisition manager can use this information to schedule the interview team members.
  • Integrating with Office 365, Attract offers a view of all the interview team calendars.
    • The talent acquisition manager can look at all the interview team member’s calendars to see open time slots and schedule accordingly.
    • Interviewers have the option of accepting\rejecting proposed meeting times. Status is visible to the talent acquisition manager
    • Interviews can be schedule individually or as a group
  • Feedback consolidation:
    • Each Interview panel members can record the interview notes such as questions, answers and any other important aspects of the interviews in the feedback section
    • Each interview panel member can recommend or reject the candidate for hire
    • All feedback can be accessed by any of the hiring team members instantly.

Having all information in one location gives the hiring manager all the necessary information to make the hiring decision.

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