Unlock Productivity with Hitachi Solutions Enterprise Chat

OpenAI Sparked a New Era Of Productivity That Will Augment Processes For Years To Come 

Microsoft is all in on AI. It is here, and it is the future.  

Microsoft AI provides billions of intelligent experiences every day. It’s in everything from Microsoft 365 and Teams, to Copilot, Azure OpenAI Services, and even your kid’s Xbox. Microsoft’s AI tools and technologies are being integrated into every level in every organization, and GPT-4 is a prime example. While most see the incredible opportunity AI offers, it can be overwhelming.  

Organizations must be agile and adaptive to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced world. To help businesses reach new heights, we developed Hitachi Solutions Enterprise Chat: a private ChatGPT experience built for collaboration and productivity businesses can depend upon. 

Privacy: Protecting What Matters 

Early headlines of ChatGPT sparked privacy concerns and led to several companies banning the usage of ChatGPT after accidental data leaks from some multinational, large corporations. 

Microsoft took a privacy-first approach with their Azure OpenAI implementation. The Azure OpenAI implementation protects data by default and NEVER shares with the base model. This distinction is critical in ensuring users won’t accidentally share confidential information. You can learn more about their data privacy in great detail by clicking here.  

Enterprise Chat leverages the Azure OpenAI instance, which always keeps your data private. 


Prompt Library: Seeding Productivity 

ChatGPT went viral faster than any other app before it. The excitement has remained high for many, but the hype seemed overblown for others. 

We explored this phenomenon to realize the power of the prompt. We saw massive differences when comparing the quality of prompts people used. Prompts are instructions, questions, or discussion topics users provide for the ChatGPT AI model to respond to. 

We started prompt training to improve productivity and built a shareable library within Enterprise Chat. The library catapulted user adoption with some fantastic “aha” moments for people. 

For example, generating a summary of last week’s work by looking at the backlog was a massive time saver. Another example of developing user stories in a particular format was done so with ease. The prompt even included follow-up questions to ensure the quality standard was aligned. 

The Prompt Library offers variables, upvoting, topics, sharing, and more, all designed to get people up to speed with prompts relevant to their daily activities. Witness your team grow more confident and capable with every engagement, generating consistently great responses. 

Collaborative Sessions: Sharing Insight 

Enterprise Chat makes it simple for your team to work together in a single chat session. In addition to sharing prompts, users can interact together with the Azure OpenAI chat session. Session sharing is excellent for brainstorming, with Azure OpenAI as a collaborative partner with which you and your colleagues can simultaneously engage. 

Ready: Deploy Productivity Today 

Enterprise Chat is a productivity powerhouse that drives organizations forward. While Bing Chat Enterprise focuses on search, Enterprise Chat focuses on fostering productivity. Nearly every chat saves minutes or hours, and the compounding impact drives incredible productivity growth. 

The growth potential is almost unfathomable. According to McKinsey research, they predict Ai could add $13 Trillion to the global economy by 2030 and a 40% increase in productivity through AI-driven automation.  

The Generative AI revolution is upon us and will impact nearly every application, process, and person. While many organizations are wondering how to begin, we at Hitachi Solutions have workshops, applications, add-ins, and numerous demos to showcase how Generative AI can benefit your unique situations.