Inspection Checklist Quickstart

Efficient and cost-effective manufacturing inspection automation solution

Modernize Inspections with Power Platform

Today’s manufacturers perform many different inspections — to ensure safety and security, improve quality and performance, increase equipment uptime and life, and more. Most use paper forms and checklists and manual processes, which can lead to errors, lost documents, inefficiencies, and other costly challenges.

Luckily, there are new digital tools available to help manufacturers be smarter when it comes to inspections. Microsoft Power Platform is one way to use citizen developers — not IT or consultants — to modernize previously manual inspections through automation and app building.

Quickstart Makes It Even Easier

To make it even simpler and more cost effective to use Power Platform to modernize manufacturing inspections, Hitachi Solutions’ tech hub of Power Platform experts developed the Inspection Checklist Quickstart solution. It’s a customizable platform that allows those who need it to quickly and easily create an unlimited variety of forms and checklists using Power Platform.

With the solution, users can automate, access, perform, and manage all types of inspections — from GEMBA and plant walks to maintenance checklists — from a mobile device or PC. Top features include:

  • Safety Inspections — Respond to safety issues, track injuries with visual captures, schedule alarms/notifications for urgent safety issues
  • Visual Checklists — Take photos, add notes, flag issues, create follow-up tasks, send notifications
  • Offline Support — Save in-progress inspections locally, resume/sync automatically when connected
  • Approvals — Review completed inspections logs, assign/escalate incomplete inspections, route for approvals
  • Reporting — Store data in a standard, unified manner to make reporting on checklist data easier and more meaningful

Reduce App Sprawl, Gain Insights

Frequently, when companies get started with the Power Platform, they create a separate app for every inspection. While better than paper, customers can end up with thousands of disconnected apps! This is called “app sprawl,” and it’s very difficult to scale and manage long term.

Our Inspection Checklist Quickstart solution was developed to restrain app sprawl. It allows you to add unlimited checklist and form types on a single platform, instead of having to publish a new app every time. This greatly reduces the number of apps to be managed.

The solution also unifies and standardizes inspection data. It is stored in the Dataverse and optimized for analytics and reportability with Microsoft Power BI and other tools — putting valuable insights at your fingertips.

Why Use Quickstart to Replace Manual Inspections?

Hitachi Solutions has combined our Power Platform expertise and dedicated UX design experience to create an easy, flexible, and cost-effective solution that everyone who needs to can learn and use to automate manual inspections. Benefits include:

  • Efficiency — Reduces duplication, human errors, lost documents
  • Simplification — Guides users through the process, reduces training costs and resources
  • Transparency — Provides standardization and accountability, inspections and data are available to everyone
  • Sustainability — Allows you to create, scale, and manage everything yourself, without IT or external consultants

Learn more about this solution or how our tech hub of Power Platform experts can help you create a culture of empowerment with the right tools, training, and advice.

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