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Break down silos to personalize service experience and achieve revenue growth in the era of AI with Dynamics 365

Build Stronger Customer Relationships Leveraging AI and Microsoft Solutions

Today’s buyer expects a personalized experience and organizations must adapt with intelligent CRM business applications in this new era of AI. To meet customer’s expectations, aligning marketing, sales and service is crucial for enhancing productivity, delivering value, and building strong customer relationships.

Hitachi Solutions empowers customers through expert led Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and services. We have a proven understanding of the tools and technologies our customers need to deepen customer relationships and win more deals.

Build deeper customer relationships and accelerate revenue with an AI-powered solution.

  • Transform the digital sales experience. Achieve a true digital sales transformation by making selling easier with AI, automation and real-time insights build into the seller’s flow of work.
  • Accelerate sales performance. Provide sellers the ability to prioritize their pipeline with AI based scoring models and opportunity summary reports.
  • Generate insights. Harness the power of AI to get contact activity notifications, prioritized recommendations for engagement activities, and data visualizations.
  • Streamline sales process. Generate summaries of customer details, meetings, and create automated summaries of email threads with Microsoft Sales Copilot.

Deliver real-time personalization and cutting-edge AI

  • Understand your customer. Unify your sales, marketing, and service data with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for a holistic view of your customers and to predict future opportunities in real-time using AI.
  • Real-time Engagement. Track every customer interaction across all touchpoints, creating a truly seamless experience that delivers the right content to the right customer at the optimal time.
  • Enhanced Customer Communications. Develop end-to-end customer journeys automatically triggered by various customer interactions, fostering long-term customer loyalty.
  • Improved Marketing and Sales Effectiveness. Pre-made analytics dashboards that align marketing and sales on common goals to optimize pipeline velocity.
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Provide exceptional service on any channel

  • Agent Enablement. Provide real-time insights and the ability to track and resolve customer issues quickly with a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey.
  • Know your customer. Deliver personalized responses in context with AI capabilities that monitor customer engagements and understand customer emotions and needs in real time.
  • Improve case management. Deliver personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty all while increasing employee effectiveness and collaboration.
  • Reporting. Get precise insights into customer engagement center performance and detect emerging trends to identify opportunities for improvement across support topics, agent-customer interactions and knowledge management.

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