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Transforming the Customer Journey: Personalization and Consistency in the AI Era

As digital journeys overshadow traditional sales channels, it’s vital to break down data silos, unify sales and marketing, and personalize omnichannel customer journeys. To capitalize on this, a comprehensive view of your customers, using internal and external data, is needed. Armed with AI and advanced analytics, businesses can optimize this information, revolutionizing sales and marketing approaches for a more consolidated and personalized customer experience.

Infographic: Building a Clear View of Your Customers

A step-by-step guide for enhanced collaboration across your business

Digital-first consumers seek consistent experiences and prefer self-service. To meet their needs, sales and marketing must align, understand customers holistically, and engage appropriately. View the infographic to understand this landscape, which highlights key challenges and solutions for today and the future.

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Podcast: Build Customer Experiences with Unified Data Platforms

A centralized customer-data platform (CDP) is crucial for a tailored customer experience, but AI-infused data modernization poses responsibility challenges. Our experts discuss how organizations can enhance customer impact, prioritizing governance and accountability. Listen as Hitachi Solutions’ AI and sales leaders McGrath and Brittany LeMaro share insights in a discussion moderated by our advisory expert Dave Horstein.

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On-Demand Webinar: Revolutionize your Customer Insights with Microsoft’s Connected Ecosystem

Join Alexandre Crespo-Perez and Brittany LeMaro as they discuss building a Microsoft-centric customer data platform to eliminate data silos, improve customer insights, and enable cross-channel marketing. Learn how to consolidate data for a holistic view of customer behavior, identify key inflection points for personalized messaging, and implement a connected sales-marketing approach for seamless customer experience across channels.

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Driving Real-time Marketing and Customer Experience

Blog: Customer Data Platforms Key to Real-time Marketing and Exemplary Customer Experience

Do you struggle to close the loop between your customer data and develop actionable metrics?

  • Explore how to close the loop between customer data and actionable insights.
  • Learn how big data, machine learning, and AI tools can boost predictive analysis.
  • See how real-time, personalized marketing can improve engagement and conversions.
  • Find practical solutions for breaking down data silos and optimizing sales and marketing channels.

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AI-driven marketing

Blog: Balancing Personalization and Data Privacy: Challenges and Opportunities in AI-Driven Marketing

Explore the ethical considerations and potential of AI-driven marketing

  • Discover how AI is revolutionizing marketing strategies by enabling hyper-personalized customer experiences.
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities that come with leveraging customer data while maintaining data privacy.
  • Gain insights into best practices for achieving a balance between personalization and ethical use of AI in marketing.
  • Explore the future of AI-driven marketing and its impact on customer engagement and brand trust.

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ebook book cover

eBook: How Marketers Can Implement Real-Time Technology to Optimize Marketing Spend and Improve Conversions

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Technology for Retailers and Brands

Discover how retailers and brands can leverage real-time technology to optimize marketing spend and drive improved conversions. In today’s competitive landscape, delivering personalized messaging at the right moment is crucial for engaging customers and driving revenue.

This eBook provides insights into how real-time marketing can enhance the customer journey and deliver exceptional experiences. Explore practical strategies and best practices for implementing real-time technology, leveraging big data, machine learning and AI tools, and breaking down data silos to maximize marketing ROI.

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Real-time data and hyper-personalization have made understanding customer journeys essential. Brands are innovating swiftly to stay competitive. Leverage our expertise and innovation at Hitachi Solutions to not only create, but continually enhance, a flawless customer experience.

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