Power Virtual Agent

Starting at $28,000 / 2-3 weeks

Streamline internal communication with conversational chatbots

Power Virtual Agents chatbots are the modern solution to improving user experience in your organization. PVAs in Teams allow you to solve common internal issues automatically, freeing up staff to focus on complex requests and high-value interactions. During this engagement, you will learn how to design a chatbot that will help your team answer questions, find information, or automate common business processes. We’ll define the initial topics, configure conversation flows, fine-tune the interaction, and deploy the chatbot.

Why Act?

  • Leverage your investment in Microsoft Teams, transforming how your business engages with employees
  • Proactively address employee needs, automating frequently asked questions and common business processes
  • Gain efficiencies by freeing up staff to focus on more high value tasks
  • Empower your employees, one chat at a time


  • Learn how to design chatbots that will help employees self-serve answers to common inquiries
  • Design of 4 bots that prompt users with follow up questions, use conditional logic, and help guide the user to perform tasks
  • Recommendations on deployment and potential refinements based on user activity

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