Hitachi Solutions Task Manager

Streamline and Standardize Business Processes in Any Industry

Hitachi Solutions Task Manager: Your Path to Efficient Business Processes

Get full visibility and greater control of your complex processes with Hitachi Solutions Task Manager.

Hitachi Solutions Task Manager is a robust and user-friendly tool that integrates across your business applications to coordinate complex processes seamlessly and easily. Task Manager utilizes customizable templates that standardize workflows and dramatically simplify the coordination and collaboration of a diverse range of tasks.

Task Manager harnesses the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams, creating a cohesive platform for users. This synergy enables seamless collaboration and cross-system work, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Our customers have seen an 80% reduction in time spent on manual, spreadsheet-driven processes.

How It Works

We find our customers often have hundreds of tasks related to their business processes, with users lacking visibility into the process. Task Manager can be attached to any entity in your Power Platform or Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement environment, such as opportunities, contacts, leads, cases, and more.  Users have full visibility of processes, including assigned tasks, management of related tasks, file sharing, communication, and real-time progress. With full visibility into processes, you can avoid potential roadblocks, align teams on statuses and progress, automate reporting, and save valuable time through standardized processes.  ​

Streamline and Standardize Business Processes in Any Industry

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Easy Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

Quickly assign tasks from this calendar view, with a full look at dates, times, owners, and edit them easily dragging and dropping to change completion dates, assign tasks, and more.

This feature comes with safeguards. If one task is moved that is related to other dependent tasks, Task Manager will push out those dependent tasks.

Accessible Task Templates

Anyone can create templates in Task Manager where they are easily accessible for your process management. You can also create your own task templates to suit your processes within Task Manager, which can be edited and refined over time.

Here you can see someone quickly finding and using a template to create tasks.

Monitor Statuses in Real Time

Every person in your organization can monitor statuses with a real-time progress bar at the top of every task. As steps are completed, the progress will indicate your completed, not started, on hold, in-progress, and deferred elements of your processes. Every step is color-coordinated and the progress bar shows a percentage of completion.

Streamlined User Experience

We make Task Manager as simple, straightforward, and user-friendly as possible, removing steps and buriers along the way to ensure high adoption rates and onboarding success.

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