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Guide to Gearing Up Microsoft Power Platform with Good Governance to Build Better Business Returns

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How to Begin with Governance

Check out our blog, Microsoft Power Platform Tips — Simple Governance is the Key Ingredient for Quick, Secure, Modern Business Solutions, to read how to begin with governance.

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Why Governance at the Word GO is a Good Thing to Secure for Your Makers

Check out our webinar Why ‘Governance’ Isn’t a Bad Word & How It Can Help You Succeed with Power Platform. We also did a blog on a similar topic!

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When YOU Need Help with Establishing Governance Guidelines for your makers

Check out our offer, Power Platform: Governance & Security Workshop, now.

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Enable your team to transform big ideas into results quickly with Power Platform Maker Enablement.

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Additional Insights

Still want to more? Check out these resources, handpicked by our Power Platform Experts.

Power Platform Insights: September 2022

This edition is all about adoption — how to maximize usage of the Power Platform, increase return on your Microsoft investment, and achieve your goals of digital transformation through low-code solutions.

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5 Ways Microsoft Power Platform Delivers on Data Strategy

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Barrie Police Case Study

Equipping officers with time-saving technology needed to create safer communities

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Power Platform Q&A Video with Expert, Em D’Arcy

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