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Integrated flow-based contract management tool for Dynamics 365

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Our Deployable Contract Management Module

To compete today, you can’t manage the customer lifecycle manually with emails, spreadsheets, and paper — you need digital access to your data. While you might not have complex legal obligations that require a full-blown — and expensive — CLM system, you probably need more contract management capabilities than Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service provides out of the box. This is why we developed a separate, deployable contract management module specifically for mid-size companies.

This plug-and-play solution extends the functionality of D365 for Customer Engagement and provides all the value of a bigger contract management system without the complexity or cost. Its built-in templates and workflows provide a quick and easy way to streamline and automate basic contract management processes, including onboarding new customers, renewals, and more. It is mobile-ready, and it integrates seamlessly with your existing sales and service management system.


Business Outcomes

  • Increased contract visibility & control
  • Decreased sales cycle times
  • Reduced revenue leakage
  • Improved contract renewal rates
  • Increased regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced user adoption & productivity
  • Improved customer experience & satisfaction
  • Reduced admin costs

Centralized digital repository
With the module, you have centralized digital storage for easy access to contract information. By having a single, electronic version of the truth, you gain visibility and control of your contracts and data. You don’t have to involve legal, which can be a blocker for speed and efficiency. It also eliminates data silos and the duplication, bottlenecks, and risks they create.

Workflow engine
Prebuilt templates and workflows allow you to streamline and automate contract management processes — including creation, approvals, and renewals. You no longer have to manage contracts manually with email, spreadsheets, memory, or paper.

Automated renewal notifications
Not knowing a contract is expiring can result in lost revenue, payment errors, and a negative customer experience. Now you can create custom alerts based on rules, data, or dates to remind you when a contract is expiring. Being able to be proactive about renewals creates more opportunities for revenue, helps convert more leads faster, and improves customer service.

Regulatory compliance
Not only are regulations from the government becoming stricter and always changing, customers expect you to keep their information private. Having a digital contract management solution eases this pressure — providing for easier and more accurate reporting and including more security than paper and manual processes.

Industry agnostic
The solution can be used to cost-effectively track and manage contracts, no matter your industry. There are standard templates included to support multiple types of contracts, including new customers, NDAs, master applications, sales, certifications, and more.

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