Engage for Investment Banking

Expert relationship management for investment banking and financial advisory


Truly understand member relationships

Hitachi Solutions Engage for Investment Banking is for investment advisors to better understand member relationships in a way that positively affects business growth. The customized solution allows you to more easily track and manage contacts and relationships across multiple engagement roles, including sponsors, clients, investors, and legal and professional advisory.

Business outcomes

  • Better understand business relationships, such as sponsors, clients, investors, and legal and professional advisors, so you can leverage them successfully in the deal flow
  • Improve visibility into past deals and use that data to compete more successfully today
  • Access what you need, including documents, information and analysis, or team members and expert advice in real time, anywhere and on any device
  • Work the deal more efficiently with streamlined, collaborative tools, as well as access to pitches, deal documents, and analysis all in one place

Secure and managed access

Relationship management

More easily track, manage and understand a diverse range of contacts and stakeholder relationships across engagement roles, including sponsors, clients, investors, and legal and professional advisory.

Deal and engagement management
Enable your teams to better coordinate around the deal with collaborative tools and real-time access to client profiles, pitches, financial data, analysis, and team documents. Streamline execution with process flows designed around common activities and transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and advisory.

Secure and managed access

Business development and marketing

Communicate the right messages to the right people with a set of unified tools for creating target lists, planning campaigns, executing on your marketing plan, and measuring results and ROI.

Dashboard and reporting module
Gain greater visibility into leads, projects, activities, and deal flow with customized home pages and dashboards for monitoring performance and activity. Also, quickly assemble reports from any data in CRM and easily share them with your colleagues so you spend less time hunting for data and take action more quickly.

Secure and managed access

Document management and portal module

Enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your people and teams by giving them secure, managed access to a deal room for each engagement so they always know where to find the latest documents and information they need.

Integration toolbox module
Rally information from backend systems and third-party providers to help ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips to make well-informed decisions and win more deals.

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