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Hitachi Solutions Enterprise Chat, Powered by GPT-4, Lets You Harness the Power of Generative AI While Safeguarding Privacy

Get Enterprise Chat Running in a Day & Less than $1k a Month

For less than $1,000 a month, you can reap the power of AI chat to improve customer experiences, streamline operations, save time, and enhance insights into your organization – all within a secure platform that protects your privacy. And you can get it running in less than a day.

Hitachi Solutions Enterprise Chat brings the cutting-edge AI capabilities of ChatGPT securely to your organization through a SaaS offering that leverages AI to enhance customer interactions, improve productivity, and streamline workflows, all while maintaining strict data privacy.

Enterprise Chat opens your company to new insights and opportunities in an affordable, powerful package that offers a tremendous opportunity to transform virtually all office work through automation. The average user can save up to an hour a week on routine tasks, such as proofreading, troubleshooting, researching, writing emails, and content.

$13 Trillion

could be added to the global economy from AI by 2030


increase in productivity through AI-driven automation


of occupations will be at least partially automated in the next 10 years

What is
Hitachi Solutions
Enterprise Chat?

Enterprise Chat offers a secure way to access ChatGPT across your entire organization, which will give you peace of mind when using chat to provide quick answers, helpful tips, and support for various tasks. GPT is an advanced AI language model that excels in understanding and generating human-like text. By leveraging GPT for chat applications in an enterprise context, organizations can develop intelligent chatbots, virtual customer support agents, and other AI-powered tools that can assist with tasks like answering customer queries, providing product recommendations, automating routine tasks, and enhancing overall communication and collaboration. It offers the potential for increased productivity, improved customer experiences, and reduced operational costs.

How Enterprise Chat Works

  • An AI-Powered website enabling users to interact with a large language model through a chat interface
  • Built with privacy and responsibility at its core
  • User-friendly platform to create and share chat sessions and prompts
  • Customize personality, audience, and format to tailor desired outputs
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Enterprise Chat vs. ChatGPT

Features ChatGPT Enterprise Chat
AI-Powered Chat
  • Yes
  • Yes
Customization Options
  • Limited
  • Comprehensive
Data Security & Privacy
  • No
  • Yes, robust (ISO 27001)
User Management
  • No
  • Yes
Integrated with Azure
  • No
  • Yes
Training with your data for personalized model improvements
  • No
  • Yes

If you have an economy that’s around $100 trillion, we may have $7- to $10-trillion more of GDP growth driven by this next generation of AI technology.

Satya Nadella
CEO, Microsoft

Three Ways to Get Started

available on azure marketplace

Get Enterprise Chat Now

You can be up and running with AI in less than 24 hours. Our enterprise package unlocks all advanced options at a monthly subscription cost, specifically addressing business requirements.

Enterprise Chat is available on Azure Marketplace. There’s no need to contact us directly. The entire transaction is easily handled on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace.

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Not Sure Where to Start? Our Advisors Will Guide You

Microsoft AI provides billions of intelligent experiences every day in everything from Microsoft 365 and Teams to Copilot and Azure OpenAI Services. Microsoft’s AI tools and technologies are being integrated into every level in every organization. But it can be overwhelming.

The need to understand how these solutions fit into your company’s broader Microsoft ecosystem is imperative to the long-term success of any organization.

In our two-week assessment workshop, our team of experienced advisors provide guidance on the latest capabilities across the suite of Microsoft AI-enabled applications and tools. This assessment was created to give you a clear and concise understanding of the AI capabilities across the Microsoft platform, the opportunities to use this technology in your organization, the organizational gaps that may inhibit your adoption and how to overcome them.

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Need a More Tailored AI Chat?

Enterprise Chat can be extended with applications (APIs) in your tenant to give your employees custom AI experiences. This allows maximum flexibility over how the agent responds to users, including with rich formats.

Other ecosystem tools can also be used with Enterprise Chat, including Power Virtual Agent, enabling chat interaction within Teams while leveraging the 1,000+ connectors available on the Power Platform to quickly chain data into your LLM responses.

Developers can further extend Enterprise Chat via Azure AI Studio all while connecting to your Azure OpenAI endpoint.

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