ERP Essentials for Manufacturing

Bridge functionality gaps and streamline and automate your ERP processes

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What are ERP Essentials for Manufacturing?

You’ve invested a lot in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O system. But customizations are still required to ensure it’s optimized for your manufacturing organization. Luckily, we’ve got manufacturing-centric shortcuts that save you time, money, and resources.

ERP Essentials for Manufacturing is a library of pre-configured Power Apps, extensions, reports, and other helper files that bridge Microsoft Dynamics F&O functionality gaps and streamline and automate your most common ERP scenarios.

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Plug and play functionality

Having worked with manufacturers and their unique requirements for years, our experts have identified the most frequently requested customizations, established the best-practice method for each, and developed this handy tool kit. Now, instead of coding the same actions over and over again at your expense, we just plug and play:

  • Speeding time to market
  • Reducing delivery & maintenance costs
  • Extending the value of D365 F&O

Subscription-based tools

Because ERP Essentials for Manufacturing is subscription based, the tools are always supported, up-to-date, and automatically upgraded. The tool kit includes:

  • Compliance Label Management
  • Project Grouping for Planned Orders
  • Machine Slotting Forecast
  • Raw Material Issue
  • Multi-Level Production Planning
  • BOM Item Shortage Report