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Make your custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation more user-friendly, cost-effective, and streamlined with our extensive library of pre-built solutions that add features and functionality to save you time, drive adoption, and improve the way you work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tools by Hitachi Solutions is an affordable subscription that allows you to shortcut costly add-ons and complex integrations, automate platform and software releases and simplify rule and code changes. Tools is built on decades of successful Dynamics implementations, utilizing our best practices to reduce time, delivery, and maintenance costs – so you can focus on true value-add activities.

Everything In One Toolbox

Every element of Tools was designed to drive user adoption and productivity across your business. Our tools help you easily build visually appealing, user-friendly, and streamlined apps for Dynamics and Power Platform. Tools is available as a standalone subscription, or included with our Engage suite of solutions. Click below to see a sampling of add-ons included with your Tools subscription, made by our team of passionate technology and industry experts.


Simplify and accelerate development, reduce costs, and automate updates and upgrades.

  • JavaScript Library — A collection of custom classes and functions that greatly simplify the customization of forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Plug-In Library — Quickly deliver CRM that’s customized to your business
  • Rules Engine — The Rules Engine provides a flexible, easy-to-use automation infrastructure that allows non-developers to quickly build out business logic, evaluate it in action, and adjust as needs change. This means you can define your own high-level business rules without complex custom coding


Insight into how all records are related eliminating need to hunt for information.

  • Relationship Hierarchy – Visualizes relationships of different entities

User Experience

Streamline the overall user experience and increase adoption and productivity

  • Effective Grid — A managed tool that enables quick and flexible data entry
  • Effective Pivot — A forecasting UI tool that displays data in an editable grid where each cell is a record instead of each row
  • Activity Notes — Offers an advanced notes solution with rich text formatting to quickly tag multiple entities
  • Multi-tag — Enables the ability to tag multiple entities to any entity
  • Address Auto Complete – Smart Autocomplete feature that fills in addresses on Dynamics forms

Package Manager

Our Package Manager app allows you to easily manage all your Hitachi Solutions software, updates, and renewals in a single, intuitive experience.

You’ll get alerts on updates, easily upgrade or rollback software to different versions, review documents, and even contact the team for support.

You can also research and install new Hitachi Solutions products you have a license for. A news feed also provides the latest notes, upgrades, and updates.
Hitachi Solutions Package Manager makes it easier than ever to manage your software, and it’s included with every Engage subscription.

About our Innovation Team

For over two decades, our innovation has been fueled by industry experience and technology expertise. Our teams create cutting-edge business solutions that remove complexity from your business and drive results. Our human-led, tech-powered solutions and accelerators are designed to seamlessly integrate into your business strategy and expedite your business goals. And we’ve deployed them thousands of times.

When you get solutions, like Dynamics 365 Tools, you’re also getting a team of seasoned tech and industry experts here to support your business objectives and teams. We bring decades of experience in building unique solutions and adoption-driven implementations.

At Hitachi Solutions, we believe in the power of innovation to transform businesses, streamline operations, and drive growth.


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