3 Top Leadership Priorities for Successful Digital Transformation

Join host Dave Horstein & special guest Hannah Farley as they focus on key leadership priorities that are essential for successful digital transformation. The conversation revolves around three major aspects:

  1. Prioritizing Digital Initiatives: Hannah highlights the importance of having a clear strategy. She emphasizes initiatives should align with an organization’s overall vision and strategic objectives. She also warns against the common mistake of trying to execute multiple initiatives simultaneously, which often leads to none being completed effectively.
    • Action Item: Leaders need to define the top three priorities for their organizations, understand how projects and priorities may overlap, and consider the impact on employees.
  2. Upskilling and Reskilling Employees: Dave & Hannah discuss why preparing employees for changes that come with digital transformation is fundamental to success.
    • Action Item: Implement a process for upskilling and reskilling employees to fit into the new roles that emerge from digital transformation.
  3. Adopting New Cutting-Edge Technology: The conversation highlights that simply communicating and training employees about new technology is not enough to ensure adoption. Hannah stresses the need for reinforcement and accountability measures to create sustainable change.
    • Action Item: Development of effective training programs and the inclusion of behavioral reinforcement and accountability mechanisms in the digital transformation plan.

Overall, Dave & Hannah stress the importance of clear communication, effective training, and the need for accountability and reinforcement mechanisms to ensure the successful implementation of digital transformation initiatives.

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