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with Hitachi Solutions, Microsoft & Databricks

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In this episode, Host Matt Volke is joined by Hitachi Solutions Senior Solutions Architect for Microsoft Azure, Chris Bennett, to talk about what it means to be a Microsoft and a Databricks solutions partner, and how we leverage our expertise for our customers’ AI initiatives.

Takeaways for our listeners: 

  • Synergy Between Databricks and Microsoft: focusing on the ease of integration and the benefits for enterprise architecture, particularly in big data environments and AI applications.
  • AI Adoption and Integration: the role of Databricks as a data modeler and Microsoft’s services for AI components, highlighting the importance of Unity catalog for data governance.
  • Simplification of Complex Technologies:  simplifying complex technical spaces into cohesive business value, making AI consumption and integration easier for non-technical users.
  • Future Developments:  open sourcing of Unity catalog and deeper integrations for data governance, which could enhance AI security and adoption.

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