Leveraging AI to Navigate the New Landscape of Selling Medicare Advantage

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According to Forrester, there could be close to 40 million people who will be eligible for Medicare Advantage in the next ten years.

Additionally, their report states that the Congressional Budget Office is projecting that the share of all Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans will rise to 62% by 2033 and that within that population, nearly two-thirds will select an individual plan through general open enrollment.

In this episode of Exchanges, host Brad Koontz joins guests Leah Bowling, VP and GM of Regulated Industries at Hitachi Solutions, and Ashley Keimach, Business Applications Specialist at Microsoft, as they discuss the impact of recent CMS changes have on Medicare Advantage sellers – a role Ashley has been in and shares her personal experiences with.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Leah and Ashley as they discuss:

  • What it’s like selling Medicare Advantage
  • Challenges facing Medicare Advantage sellers today
  • How technology – especially, AI – is poised to help

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