Key Principles for Successful Data-driven Upgrades

Your Thought Leaders for This Episode:

Dave Horstein, Host and Director of Advisory Services
Greg Gant, Vice President of Corporate Development
Hannah Farley, Vice President of Advisory Services


Constructing a business-led data strategy is the topic today! Based on customer interactions, we discuss the need for strategy alignment with overall business goals and outcomes for your enterprise. The inefficiencies of non value-added data work and the lack of trust in data among managers was discussed with an aim to address why data initiatives fail and how to correct course.

Key points of discussion include:

  • The need for a business-led roadmap and how it must tie back to business outcomes.
  • Fundamental necessity of having a talent strategy that aligns future states of organization with skill sets required for a robust data strategy.
  • The importance of an efficient operating model for data sharing within the organization.
  • Choosing the right technology solutions to leverage data and align with organizational goals.
  • The imperatives of data management and governance to bolster confidence in organizational data.
  • The essential nature of adoption and scaling, ensuring organizational capability to harness data effectively.

Action Items

  • Business Outcome Alignment: Enforce sincere business outcome alignment amongst leadership to avoid future derailment of data initiatives.
  • Current State Assessment: Performing a neutral current state assessment to accurately identify opportunities and discrepancies without biases.
  • Create a Roadmap Framework: Develop a strategic vision with clear business outcomes, timelines, resource allocation, and ownership for various initiatives.
  • People Plan Development: Ensuring the integration of a comprehensive people plan to support each phase of the data initiative, focusing on talent management and engagement.
  • Technology and Process Review: Reassess the technology and processes with a focus on ultimate business goals, not just technological advancements themselves.
  • Education and Enablement Program: Implementing a program to educate and enable employees, ensuring the governance model works effectively across the board.


The meeting successfully outlined critical considerations for a business transformation through a data-led approach. It highlighted that technology, while vital, is insufficient without strategic Alignment with business outcomes, supportive leadership, and an engaged and skilled workforce. The discussion confirmed the need to establish clear visions, leverage Alignment workshops like OGSM, and embed tangible value creation in roadmaps, with overarching emphasis on the critical role of people in the adoption and endorsement of any data strategy. The session concluded with a call to check out further material on the web at global.hitachi-solutions.com.

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