The Art of Leadership in a Digitally Driven World

Dive into the challenges and opportunities of leading a (nearly) 100% remote workforce

Exchanges-with-Hitachi-Solutions-The-Podcast-Intro Exchanges-with-Hitachi-Solutions-The-Podcast-Intro

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Whether it’s undergoing digital transformation or effectively leading in a hybrid work sphere, Hitachi Solutions works with our customers through not only our own experience as a worldwide, hybrid enterprise, but through years of partnering with Microsoft and our customers to inform successful business transitions.

In this episode, Dave Horstein talks with Gary Peterson, Hitachi Solutions Chief Strategy Officer & Executive Vice President. Together they talk a little “About Us,” but they also delve into the challenges and opportunities leading a global company with a nearly 100 percent remote workforce — staying true to our core culture as the company iterates, as well as always working to build and retain a talented, diverse workforce.


Gary Peterson, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President


Dave Hornstein, Advisory Expert and Resident Host of “Exchanges”!

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