Leading with Conviction, Curiosity and Courage

It's Radical Consulting

Keith Shoulders, Marne Brocksmith, and Michael Majarais discuss the importance of personal and professional evolution in producing effective leadership.

Michael Majarais shares his journey from majoring in special education to VP of Project Services at Hitachi Solutions. He emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and having the courage to make changes, even if they are unexpected. He also stresses the value of diverse experiences and how they can contribute to one’s growth and success in their career.

Marne Brocksmith highlights the importance of humility and understanding oneself in leadership. She explains how her background in various fields has helped her in her current role and how she has been able to apply her previous experiences to her work in project services.

We also talk about the importance of having a strong foundation of experience and training to be innovative and creative in one’s career. He also highlights the importance of collaboration, support, and a focus on the organization as a whole.

In summary, personal and professional evolution plays a crucial role in producing effective leadership. Having the conviction, curiosity, and courage to make changes and seize opportunities can lead to growth and success in one’s career. Furthermore, having a diverse set of experiences and a strong foundation of training can help individuals become more innovative and creative leaders.

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