How to Prioritize Your AI Initiatives This Year

Season 4 Premiere

In this Season 4 preview of Exchanges — Advisory Expert Dave Horstein engages in a “Man on the Street” Q&A about how we’re helping customers make an impact with AI

Here are a few key takeaways: 

  1. People First Approach to AI: Dave emphasizes the importance of a people-first approach when incorporating AI into businesses. He highlights how AI can make employees more efficient, instead of replacing them. Investing in upskilling and reskilling their workforce alongside implementing AI should be a part of an organization’s talent strategy.
  2. Strategic Use of AI: Dave stresses the need for businesses to use AI strategically to solve specific business challenges rather than just adopting AI for the sake of it. It’s essential to align AI initiatives with the business strategy and focus on the value it can bring to the organization, such as increasing operational efficiency, reducing human error, and providing cost savings.
  3. Leveraging AI for Business Transformation: Throughout the conversation, Dave gives examples of how AI can drive positive outcomes. He highlights the use of AI in automating data entry from unstructured data, enhancing the customer service experience, and providing a knowledge base for easy access to enterprise data. He encourages business leaders to consider these use cases when planning their AI transformations.

“Successful integration of AI in businesses depends on aligning it with business strategy, focusing on enhancing employees’ skills, and leveraging AI to solve real business issues.” — Dave Horstein, Director, Advisory Services, Hitachi Solutions

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