Riding the Wave

Walk with us through Hitachi Solutions' Top 10 takeaways and favorite new features in Microsoft's October wave release

Exchanges-with-Hitachi-Solutions-The-Podcast-Intro Exchanges-with-Hitachi-Solutions-The-Podcast-Intro

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In this episode of EXCHANGES, Power Platform expert Joel Lindstrom walks through Hitachi Solutions’ Top 10 takeaways and favorite new features in Microsoft’s October wave release, with Power Platform Senior Consultant, Matthew Devaney and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Director, Eric Lin. They talk about not only how to absorb the dense content, but also what the wave release means for customers, how best to navigate the news, and what it means for your business.

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Power Platform Expert, Joel Lindstrom

Power Platform Senior, Matthew Devaney

Dynamics 365 Cutomer Service Director, Eric Lin

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